Photography is a way of feeling………..From my photo junction….2018 (select)

“The camera is much more than a recording apparatus, it is a medium via which messages reach us from another world.”
– Orson Welles

“If your pictures aren’t good enough, you’re not close enough.”
– Robert Capa

“When I have a camera in my hand, I know no fear.”
– Alfred Eisenstaedt

“I believe photographers should shoot what they want, not shoot what they get.” 
– Roberto Valenzuela

“A camera is a SAVE button for the mind’s eye.”
– Roger Kingsto


Does Wall Street‘s wolf howls with awhooo all the time?

All of us hold a fair point of view on how we are in a golden era of financial crisis and scams, fiscal and regulatory manipulations and dilemmas.  We tweet. We read about it. Watch electronic media’s debate, discussions with wonder and exchange our opinion privately about the depth and magnitude of it. In the end unheard public voice only becomes a silent majority. We also understand that” exceptions” and “excesses” cannot be the bench mark under any circumstances.

Administrators have stopped half dead in their tracks unwilling and unable to take any path breaking decisions. Corporate governance is crawling and most of the time thrown into the winds. Today, the global financial system is not just besieged but also paralyzed and virtually in comatose. A rebooting of thinking process is the need of the hour.

Candid public opinion cries today in chorus. Is our system unable to deliver either good governance or alternate routing to overcome this rut? Why? In my view the dilemma is primarily due to the fact that” capital is not democratic”. If you have money, you have options otherwise you are at the mercy of the transnational system of financial bondage.  Be it a nation, corporate or individuals. Are we then forced to accept the argument that the Money is the ultimate ugly leveler?

In this context it is interesting to watch the real life true story film “The wolf of wall Street” by Martin Scorsese, a path breaking cautionary tale of Wall Street woes of selling ‘garbage to a garbage men”. The film also maps out how psychologically, it’s hard for any investors and stock brokers to ignore the happy talk and pull back from the market forgetting his losses and shying away from debt treadmills.  The film has very strong moral lessons to remember and ponder over it again and again. At the same time one cannot ignore the point of view expressed.. Scorsese’s Wolf of Wall Street: Fifth Column or Reality?

One should also read an article in this context in Rolling Stone by Matt Taibbi asks a key question, why isn’t Wall Street in Jail?The true colors of Wall Street’s manipulations and dilemmas are also hinted well in ‘There’s No Love on Wall Street’ a novel authored by Ira Trivedi. One would also appreciate and understand Wall Street dilemmas in books like Bonfire of the Vanities by Tom Wolfe. Films like Wall Street (1987) and Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps –(2010) clearly portrays how financial manipulations  emerged over the decades as   big  International sport with silent audience watching it across the globe.

Corporate laws, economists, financial wizards and other regulatory mechanism known to human wisdom have met with limited success only in solving the mania of Wall Street dilemma. That is, making capital to work as a democratic product. Unless something is done effectively the Wall Street dilemma factors therefore would continuously succeed its slaughter on the pages of the global financial map.

Eighty four years passed since Black Thursday, Oct. 24, 1929, the day the great stock market crash began.  But at the bottom of the heart of every investor the memory notion lingers that what is the guarantee that another such crash may not be altogether impossible. Can anyone dare to encounter on it? No. You cannot. You continue to live on your thoughts in investing your capital and savings productively in capital market products. It is after all human psychology and its behavioral decision-making process. It is beyond the understanding of any one’s wisdom when it comes to money.

In this context I cannot but quote the famous words of Napoleon that “Two-thirds of the decision-making process is based on analysis and information and one-third is always a leap in the dark.”

I also recollect my school days rhyme that dog goes woof, Cat goes meow, Bird goes tweet, and mouse goes squeak, Cow goes moo… Frog goes croak”. I am unsure about what does the wolf of Wall Street howls with awhooo?  Does it say winners circle is very small here.  

At the end of the day it is very difficult to pass a moral verdict on any products and thoughts associated with subjects like investments and capital market .

I remember the quotes of Arnold Bennett“ Good taste is better than bad taste, but bad taste is better than no taste. ” Do you agree with me or not?



What Next

photo by stockresearch52
photo by stockresearch52


Today in silence I hear my memory. As a boy often I was a dreamer, player and sports person. I was delighted to learn cycling and motor bikes. I wrote my thoughts on a note-book. I had a lamp nearby.

Today I just crossed six decades plus of my life’s journey. I have not forgotten my cycling. Today I was riding in my bicycle and slowly recollecting my thoughts. I closed my eyes for a moment and I thought loudly how one cannot orphan their old thoughts and memories.

Over my grooming years I bottled my desires and watched hope to sail. I had a solid education and employment and clean habits taught by my beloved parents. I never borrowed a penny in my life from any one. I believed firmly in self growth and sustenance. I only mastered the art of saving and spending when it is needed and hate indulgences. I have everything today. I travelled across the globe. As the year walks on I learnt that happiness is hard work and hard work is happiness.

I tirelessly worked for the family members, helped friends and relatives whenever possible. I know gratitude from one’s near and dear and blessings from elders and other well wishers don’t come in silver boxes with golden keys.

No matter how hard and sincere you work and execute your responsibilities the weeds still keep growing and nurturing your memories.

My life’s calendar now looks like it has been machine-gunned with only reminders, rebut and no gratitude’s. I never envisaged having to undergo several times. The trauma continues and the injury is slowly recuperating. I don’t mind it. I try ignoring it. My memory fails to fade. It is very strange. I am not an expert on art of living to experience the art of forgetting the past through cosmic yoga, driving away the cosmic ‘Maya” and stuff like that.

Over the past one month, there have been times when I’ve been gripped by an inexplicable thoughts and recollections ranging from milestone life achievements and to breach of trusts by the near and dear ones.

I am in search of the art of forgetting the past. Something must be done or past thoughts would spiral and will grow ever bigger and end up as a tornado of self-pity and would reappear near a house of some poor unsuspecting witch. Even if I resist my age of sixty plus, in my head, I’ll never have to recollect those bittersweet experiences ever again. No day dreams!

Definitely my thoughts are not fitting in to the stuff like ‘The Golden Compass ‘by Philip Pullman  ,  that falls easily into the YA-fantasy bucket or Like Cornelia Funke’s The Thief Lord and J.K. Rowling’s Harry Potter series it was all written for young adults but definitely  enjoys a large crossover adult following known for its stuff of myth and legend. My thoughts are neither myths nor legends. It is near factual.

I innocently look into the blue sky through my balcony where some plants are captured in earthen pots curbing their freedom to grow naturally. I don’t believe in nurturing plants in pots depriving their normal growth with freedom for someone’s cheap pleasure. I am no more interested in cakes and cards. I just want to forget the immediate past and the distance past, all in one go.

I know it is pretty hard in life to know which bridge of thought to cross and which to burn. Can I fondly question that is it all there in the unwritten book on life by our society?

I would like to enjoy and watch through my bed room window a solitary grey cloud overhead and birds flying freely with their wings wide open. I heard people saying that magic spells supposedly break at midnight, but I wonder whether it may or may not be today in my case.

Hoping against hope I go to sleep by listening to the soft notes of Carnatic music from my neighborhoods and recollecting what would be next as my cycle logo wears it boldly. That is, what NEXT!  Can we say then without fear or favor that memories don’t find orphan homes and you have to live with it till your death?

Personal gift giving or receiving is increasingly wrapped with sentiments

I know that personal gift giving or receiving is increasingly wrapped with sentiments, love, courage, strength, emotions, prestige and so on and so forth.There are so many reasons and occasions to give and to receive gifts.The list is end less.Here I am not either saying that one need to read Waldfogel, J.: Scroogenomics: “Why You Shouldn’t Buy Presents” before making up your mind to purchase a gift.Or the need to understand what is “Shoptimism”.

It is no more a simple normal activity directing you to watching a forced smile in the face of a giver as well as the receiver.
It has become more complicated and a sensitive one. No more a simple activity of buying, packing and presenting.

Sometime it is also considered as very mechanical and plastic or a very routine activity like buying milk or rice or wheat or vegetables from nearby mom and pop stores. Many times one tends to think that it is only mandatory.

The bottom line is choosing a proper gift and buying it can be a tricky, sensitive and a boring activity too. You get stressed out when the situation arises to select a one for your near and dear.The range and the choices are huge in the context of growing fashion trends and e-commerce shopping style.
The subject of gift management is special to contemporary youths.
It has also emerged over the days a very money spinning industry with mind-boggling trade turnover. The difficulty is finding and choosing the right gifts. When looking for advice, there is an abundant amount available, but what advice is the right advice?

It is a billion dollar question.

In my house if I open the cupboard my mind goes tipsy in seeing an un opened or half-opened gift wraps. Mostly I found repetitive cut glass mugs, articles and so on. Space management has become an issue in keeping the received gifts. The biggest dilemma is what I would do with those gifts that I may not be using in my life at all.
I cannot forget an incident in my life. I presented few years back a video game to my friend’s school attending son. Later on when I came to know that the video game created more noise in the house from his mother because her son got hooked all the time into the game which had an impact on the performance of his studies, I felt sad. No way I was responsible for that! Therefore choosing a perfect gift is a tougher one.
The psychology and the economics of gift giving has become an important topic for discussion in any household. It is taking place directly or indirectly. You cannot deny it.
Some say they don’t believe in giving gifts. Not always it has to be a quid pro quo arrangement.
I also don’t believe anyone should ever match a gift to the recipient’s household income. I don’t want to get into gossips around worth and utility of gifts.

I read sometime back that seventy percent of the items shopper’s purchases are things they had no intention of buying (for gifting) when they entered the store.

What I learnt from my experience regarding gift is the manner of giving is worth more than the gift. Yesterday is history. Tomorrow is a mystery. And today is a gift. That’s why we call it the present.
I strongly believe that the greatest gift is not found in a store but in the hearts of the giver. Do you?

Things happen in life-my BROWN bag days

Things happen in life.

Although I am in my early sixties my family members still call me a fussy-eater kid.
I wonder many times why.

This might be because of my childhood eating habits.
Strict scheduling of my breakfasts ,lunch and dinner timings.

One thing I cannot forget  even today is  how I loved to carry my brown bags to my school,college and to my office except on travelling outsations.

Carrying a tiff-in box or what it is popularly known as bento box has been ubiquitous when I was going to school,college and to office.Now,I don’t think so. I wonder why.

Perhaps every school,college and offices have their own canteens or food courts and so on.
One  prefer to eat over there.Don’t mind the cost,quality and hygiene.

I am constrained to say that every thing has been changed for quick bucks.

I still remember my mom, when I was a school going boy and my wife slaving in the kitchen preparing lunch box for me to office.
This has been a personal part of south Indian culture in India.Now it is slowly taking a back seat.

For reasons unknown to me.It is almost an ignored household activity.

My wife has been a hard task master in implementing in our house what is called “clean your lunch and dinner serving plate” and “carry your brown bag” to school and office.

I still could recollect that most of the time  my brown bag or bento box has been packed with yogurt rice and pickles and sometimes veggie sticks,fruit pieces,veg curries,home made sweets and so on.

I have kept still my primary school lunch box in my showcase as a cute memory.

Fashion forward kids and office going techies today ask you isn’t “THAT” a terrible thing to carry the brown bag?- Eating the same boring thing everyday.

As you know that eating out daily costs much more than cooking and bringing a brown bag to work.

Those who are motivated will actually take the time to cook at home and not minding to prepare their brown bags.

My point of view is that you please try to turn off the hate for a minute and appreciate something that is a different idea.Nobody is forcing you to do it.

But if you need to lose weight or save money you might give it a try.

Don’t say it that on paper everything is easy.

Everything will become easier through time as conscious effort becomes more of a habit.
But it requires commitment nonetheless.