Stunning stone carvings…That is…. Srimushnam… Bhu Varaha Swamy temple

I love heritage, art, culture and history. In the beginning of this week I visited a small village town known as Srimushnam in  the southern part of Tamil Nadu state of India.

The place provides multiple perspectives. You find new tunes in the  engraved old stunning music stone  pillar carvings and paintings. One could learn the richness of Hindu history, mythology,music ,dance,unity,relationships in the environment.

Images for 72 bhartnatyam positions……….. are carved on stones at the entrance gate and in other places of the temple premises.

It is really classic and I don’t have words to express its beauty,science and knowledge content.

Most striking special feature of this temple architectural beauty attracted me the most is ,beautiful sculptures with women’s plait of the hair done on granite stones  are very natural.  some of the stunning carvings( pictures) published here speaks oceans of knowledge and engineering skill prevalent in the history of those days.

A visit to the spot will make you realize that you need thousand eyes and good heart to appreciate multiple perspectives hidden in  more than one thousand years of history of this geography.






(As Varaha, Vishnu likes to eat korai kizhangu. Therefore, a sweet dish (laddu) made from korai kizhangu) Expand  above picture.)logolicious_20180928_121627




Camera in my eyes… visual tales from my stamp albums

photo by stockresearch52

photo by stockresearch52

In the context of ever-changing life style environment I am trying to recollect the echoes of my mind about the oldest hobby and status symbol like stamp collecting. I know it is a wild thought  indeed!.

I was taught in my school some 55 years back that how stamp collecting was known as “The king of Hobbies and the Hobby of Kings”.

I still remember the slogan of the American Tropical Association ‘Knowledge through stamp collecting’.

I still recollect the day of my school quiz contest when I answered Rowland Hill as the father of adhesive postage stamp Penny Black.

The hobby of Stamp collecting, I wonder, in the context of public turning into  email and social networking, easy to use web apps and the dwindling habit of written correspondence through posting letters and so on, what direction the hobby or pastime is taking? Is it going to be a visual tale for the forthcoming generation? Will stamps become historical artifacts?

I could see an overall shift in the hobby in its size and spread.I also stopped collecting stamps longtime back. Just like that.Maximum I can only read ‘Nostalgia’ really can give some people a ‘warm glow’.

Now I am going through my Stock book – with the thought that whether Philately has become out of fashion?

It is really inspiring in this context to read the title ‘The World’s Greatest Stamp Collectors’ by Stanley M Bierman. 

While going through the pages of my old stamp album I still remember an anonymous quote –‘Life is a teacher it gives you the test first and the lesson later’. Do you agree with me?


Wisdom of silence under World’s largest Meditation Pyramid

photo by stockresearch52 Photo location:  Pyramid valley International,Kebbedododdi village,Harohalli,Kanakapura Road,Bengaluru,Karnataka,India

photo by stockresearch52
Photo location: Pyramid valley International,Kebbedododdi village,Harohalli,Kanakapura Road,Bengaluru,Karnataka,India


Meditation has become a buzz word amongst the urban elite. There has been an inevitable search for a holistic body and mind. A cult of new avenues and therapists is on the rise all over the globe conducting workshop sessions to help individuals to understand and bursts their “Self” and “Stress”.

To know exactly what new age meditation inside a pyramid is, I visited today the new age pyramid meditation center located near Bangalore, India founded by Shri Brahmarshi Patriji. He is the founding father of Pyramid Spritual Societies movement. He has been spreading the message of AnapanasatiMeditation, Vegetarianism and Pyramid Meditation.

Pyramids are geometric structures that store energy from the universe. The power of the pyramid is obtained through a blending of the radiated cosmic energy with that of the gravitational force of earth.

I was briefed that meditation done inside a Pyramid or underneath a pyramid is three times more powerful. As you know that the science of meditation aim to teach how to calm down and control all the” restless” waves of the mind.

Maitreya-Buddha Pyramid-world’s largest meditation Pyramid,located in Kebbedoddi village near Bangalore, India-size; 160ftx160ft.height:102ft (equaling to 10th floor building with a capacity to accommodate 5000 people. The energy in this mega-pyramid is amplified by over 640 natural Himalayan Crystals fitted inside the hall.

What the first great law of the science of meditation says in the words of Brahmarshi Patriji……..”When we are with the normal, natural, simple, easy, soft, tender, shallow, tranquil, peaceful flow of the breath…the mind becomes rather empty”.

My wisdom of experiment for the first time in my life with meditation under the pyramid has been refreshing and exciting. After doing intense meditation in the pyramid’s vibrant( 34 feet height inside the pyramid) king’s chamber I left the place just recollecting what I read sometime back that “count your gardens by the flowers and never by the leaves that fall”.