Photography is about capturing souls not colours….

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Chasing the action….Nostalgia is a necessary thing

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My date with winners

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(photo by stockresearch52: Picture  of my well wisher who lives in Bombay,India celebrated  recently his 91st birth day and 62nd marriage anniversary.)

My  digital  photo frame

is unique  for me today.

It is wearing a close up

shots from my camera lens.

A close look at the frame

confirms no hidden

favorite bag of tricks in it.

Serene smile in your face make

anyone a day younger.

I see in your smile

hues of love and affection.

Your look is perfect

for an evening Soirée

at this golden age

of 80’s and 90’s

in your life’s journey.

I could see the angel of new

romance in your glances.

It is bold and beautiful

Commands a second and third glance.

Your aura of experience and

forehead wrinkles

I wish should make scream royal couture.

Flawless radiance and  the regal spin in your look

opens a new page in any one’s  dictionary of life.

You are a treasured gem to me.

You don’t chase real life’s candy crush saga.

In the avenues of my  heart

you are my inspiration

to draw the art of life without using an eraser.


(Picture of my well wisher who celebrated their “80th birth day recently,

a Tamil Bahamian tradition,India, known as “Sadaabishekam)