2018-09-29Hi,my name is S. Jayaraman.

I live in Bangalore,India.

I am a retired  management professional.

I believe, of course, that no one really retires from their experience and hobbies.

I also hold a strong belief that travel is the biggest form of learning.

This blog is basically a repository of  thoughts on anything that catches my attention.

That is why I choose to air my opinion and point of view and snap pictures under the category of ‘mind over the matter’.  The pictures published here are snapped by me.

The subject matter may cover a wide range of fields ranging from art,paintings, photography, travel,folk songs,poetry, stock market investments,behavioral finance, retirement,teaching,relationships , sea waves and so on.

I am a private person airing my opinion to moderate more thoughts, fresh ideas and approach.

The information content provided through this blog is strictly for information and discussion purpose only and should not be used or reproduced with commercial point of view.

It should not be misconstrued that this blog resort to any sort of professional advice or guidance or recommendation.

Readers of my blog should be fully aware that the outcome of their decisions are entirely their responsibility.

Due credit and acknowledgement should be given for photographs and written matters drawn from this blog with prior written permission.

Thank you for visiting my blog.PS_20150114210723

photo by stockresearch52
photo by stockresearch52

Feel free to browse. And often come back with your thoughts.

Click and comment at will.

©All Rights Reserved.

You are welcome to visit my Photography Blog: http://www.colors52.wordpress.com

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photo by stockresearch52
photo by stockresearch52

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