As you know that stock investments are knots, without any clue either to the beginning or to the ending.! There is nothing holy or sacred about more than 180 technical indicators that are available for tracking the trend, leave alone fundamental indicators….

Very often I heard people saying that it is very difficult to capture lizard’s brains and its direction.More often we notice or see lizards that swiftly scamper over old fences, logs, rocks, tree trunks, and across the ground.It reflects good sensing patterns. Definitely it is beyond predictions to any wisest brains on the earth.Does the stock market price fluctuations are like lizards’ crawling patterns?

Investors’ grumbling has been louder in 2020 than ever.An inexperienced situation due to COVID19 Pandemic and Coronavirus Lock downs across globe.However, stock markets escaped lock downs!!! Stock market investors across Globe have experienced both the bright and the dull side of the trend.Often I wonder how the dice of hope and fear is rolled into the prices of stocks. The year 2020 is a classic example!

I was reading other day that the use of Artificial Intelligence has been responsible for the current bullish trend in the market in spite of lock down of business environment and so on.God alone knows the fact!

When it comes to forecasting and speculating the prices of a particular stock, it has always remained as a “cloudy” one. The challenge for a speculator is to understand the beat of the rhyme of irrationality.

I was very curious to do research on stock price movements over decades of ups and downs across global markets especially with reference to NASDAQ and NSE quoted stocks. I found that the price fluctuations and its elasticity has definite pattern in spite of all rum ours,news,gossips and “HERD” path.

I would like to share my approach and analysis with my blog readers to invite more inputs on the subject with the disclaimer that no way my research model aims to push through buy/sell recommendations.

My research study does not aim to forecast highs/lows . I have also developed a similar model for stocks quoted in NSE stocks(INDIA),NIFTY INDEX,NIFTY BANK INDEX. NASDAQ QUOTED STOCKS AND INDEX.

One has to follow their own price table for taking decisions on either to stay ,quit,or re-enter. I could not calculate the time periodicity of values occurring in the table. No longer your investment prices come under macro price chart of the market as has been religiously discussed and followed. At the end of the day one has to respect their particular price trending cycle “TABLE” of purchase or sale.

The principal thought behind my research study is that- the day you purchase or sell a stock, your investments come under the umbrella of elasticity price cycle of a particular stock prevalent on that day which is a part of a long/short term price elasticity cycle.

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