I am too shy don’t touch me… I am a plant

My evening stroll in these extraordinary times nearby jungles brought me a new plant friend. Name of my plant friend is popularly known as Mimosa pudica – (Wikipedia). Otherwise popularly known as “TOUCH ME NOT PLANT”.

The plant’s leaves as you know is filled with full of wonders. On a gentle touch of its tiny leaves with your fingers it gets so shy and the leaves get fold swiftly. And the moment you release your touch it gets unfold. A wonderful sight to eyes to watch this wonder of nature. Green leaves are either very proud or humble in saying that I am too shy and therefore don’t touch me!

Now it is a blooming season for “touch me not plants”. On my evening walk I cannot express in words but I feel very delighted by the beauty of this small flower when it dances to the evening winds gently showing its pink coloured petals.

I was told by locals that this plant is known for its amazing health benefits too. Many Movies and folk songs have been created on theme of “Touch me not”! across the globe in different languages.

On my return I recalled the meaning of what is “Positive negatives” and how minus is many times the biggest plus? Touch me not plant concept is filled with positive negatives indeed!

17 replies to “I am too shy don’t touch me… I am a plant

  1. Tu publicación es fascinante y revela la inteligencia de esta planta que reacciona al tacto y se defiende de sus depredadores de estaforma tan sensitiva.
    Tenemos que aprender de las plantas.
    Saludos y buena tarde de otoño.
    María desde Madrid.

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