Peeping Moon Capturing the Sun set colours

I know pretty well that the moon,stars,and sun share the beautiful blue sky.

I was over the moon on 30th August 2020 during evening hours of my regular evening walk schedule to a near by place from my residence.

The reason for it was that I was promised a moon by Almighty NATURE.

While I was crossing the highway bridge my eyes first clicked the presence of beautiful circle of evening time moon peeping out of the blue sky on the eastern side of the bridge and on the westernize of the bridge I could notice the bright evening multi coloured sun rays preparing to paint the sky with red colour before settling down for the day in this part of the global geography.

I understood that it was indeed once in a blue moon to my eyes’ treat to see the beauty of sun and the moon together on a single location. It was indeed marvellous to my eyes to see the mighty sun and shying moon by standing on the highway bridge on that glorious evening hours.

When I was clicking the beauty of evening moon and the colours in sunset beauty in my camera , I recollected the famous saying you better” Live by the sun and love by the moon”.

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