Today’s town talk across the globe is “Pandemic”, “ Corona Virus (COVID-19)”. It is ubiquitous.

I think, these words are the ones most pronounced by human beings in the world history. Even GOOGLE search do not have a answer to it.

And the talk of the town is statistics on the virus spread and the success road posts to arrest the “spray infections” and built a “flu fence”.

Scientist across the globe will soon see the light of the tunnel in their mission of “VIRUS to VACCINE”.

This post is dedicated to Doctors’ fraternity and the front line health workers and associated organizations for their relentless and sincere efforts to contain the global spread .

The debate is on “Is corona virus a bacteria or virus? . Science alerts What Is a Coronavirus? –

World Health Organization from time to time issue directives and education bulletins on the subject. Governments issue notifications on daily basis.

The cardinal aspects associated with COVID-19 is “Wearing masks” and “Social Distancing”,”Complete Lock down” “leaky lock down’ “Infodemic” and so on.

Medical scientist believed that over the years ,”Face masks can protect against both coarser droplet and finer aerosol transmission, though N95 respirators are more effective against finer aerosols”.

According to Dr. John M. Barry in his book The Great Influenza: The Story of the Deadliest Pandemic mentioned that masks could help to prevent”spray infection”.Surgical mask – Wikipedia. In this context A Brief History of Medical Face Masks – Gizmodo is worth reading. Further,CGTN c‎ited Cby 295 – ‎related articles on the subject.

Masks has both medical and cultural history in the history of human civilization.

Epidemic history has been associated very well with wearing masks. Here I would draw an interesting article for every one’s attention published recently-Medical Face Masks: An Illustrated History – Bloomberg. – Also interesting to note in the pages of history is that “masks disrupted lives in unexpected ways and many governments imposed constitutional mandate”.

History of wearing masks even goes back according to some 6 thousand grand years ago. Of course Pandemic history offered a lesson on the significance to use and wear masks.Masks’ journey over the years is very interesting to observe and study.

All “culture” uses masks for rituals.(Mask – Wikipedia)

On the one side “Hard news Headlines dominate both print and TV media regarding the virus and its medical, social and economic impact and on the other hand pandemic cartoons and songs draw the attention of one and all in the world. (Coronavirus | Our daily cartoons – The Hindu,Virus Cartoon Images, Stock Photos & Vectors | Shutterstock,Coronavirus editorial cartoon gallery –,10 Coronavirus Songs Bring Some Levity to the Globa ..8 Tamil Corona )…

People and media also discuss and debate about the masks of the future with Blue tooth technology to build system of cooling and also fitting nanotechnology filters. A famous historian of technology and medicine notes that masks are some of the earliest human artifacts.

Now the endless debate is on the style and design of the masks for elders and for the millennial s.

My point of view is that masks cannot be a lifestyle product when it comes to pandemic. It SHOULD be functional. It cannot be a coolest pattern in the pile of choice. Here there is no choice of “ketogenic diet” or “Noom Diet”. It is absolute to every one in preventing the journey of virus.

I don’t know how to react when I recently about Indian man wears gold mask to ward off COVID-19 – Function of a PANDEMIC MASKS is to protect the viral infection spreading.

Definitely we are not living in fear but hundred percent living in faith and I quote the words of Caroline Wright“You have to find a way to respect these new boundaries [related to corona virus], but still live the version of life you’re used to. That’s what life is, regardless of circumstance.”

Under no circumstances don’t ask me the question”do we really miss the smiles on wearing masks and maintain social distancing? Stay safe. Goodbye to all.


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