Thadi Kombu Soundararajaperumal Hindu temple…. Sculptures with panache…

  I visited Soundararajaperumal temple recently, dedicated to Hindu god Vishnu, located in Thadikombu, a village near Dindigul in the South Indian state of Tamil Nadu, India.  Dravidian style of architectural skill is expressed on every stone found in the temple premises dating back to16th century and even earlier back to 12th century.

Sculptures in this temple made out of granite speak volumes of its artistic skill.One goes speechless to see how minute details like nerves, muscles, eyelashes are sculptured with panache. Further, musical stone pillars found in the temple premises are another stunning mile stone for Dravidian sculpture perfection.

Pictures of beautifully crafted sculptures as appealed to my eyes and heart are shared here. At many places in the temple area beautiful sculptures are barricaded for reasons unknown making it difficult to take completely featured pictures.

Festival prayer is going on at the entrance of the temple premises


For more details on history and other features please click the following references:

Soundararajaperumal temple, Thadikombu – Wikipedia › wiki › Soundararajaperumal_temple,_Thadikombu

(129 art and architectural features of this Hindu temple).

A notable prayer system in this temple complex that attracted my attention is that devotees lit oil lamps in open area designated for this in half cut white pumpkins pasted in yellow turmeric powder decorated around with pink color nerium or oleander flowers. A rare belief system that is prevalent in this part of the country.


While returning I was recollecting a famous quote that “A hand that obeys the intellect can discover it” and how true in respect to sculptures done in the temple complex centuries ago.

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  1. Aesthetics is for the artist like ornithology is for the birds.

    Barnett Newman

    Brilliantly sculpted.


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