Veiled grace and shimmering beauty

The gorgeous marble lady in the picture is popularly known as Veiled Rebecca . It is indeed a melody in marble. Rebecca’s grace  sculptured in marble stone is beyond poetic description and engineering skill.  This melody in marble stone sculpture draped in a wet garment, is a big draw at Salar Jung museum at Hyderabad city in India. last week I visited this amazing museum.

Photo by stockresearch52


(Salar Jung Museum – Wikipedia

While returning from the museum I was  deep in my heart recollecting the beauty of  Rebecca’s sublime grace  and  melody in marble. I also read sometime back  that peacock’s beauty and grace carved in stones  always constitute a powerful  sources of inspiration  to all. Hence pictures of inspiring peacocks dance and feather colors that I captured in my camera with lots of patience.267.JPG

Photo by stockresearch52

106.JPGPhoto by stockresearch52

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  1. I agree with you. The artist’s work is quite phenomenal. I have seen sculptures similar to this and have always been awestruck by the artist’s ability to portray such delicate structures as lace or material overlay!
    This must have been a wonderful museum tour.

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  2. Beautiful pictures. The way the artist has Rebecca’s gown flow really adds to the grace of the sculpture. I am always amazed that peacocks can walk around with those long tail feathers.

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