Belief system…. ….. Perungalur temple

Recently I visited our ancestral kuladeivam(family deity) temple located in Perungalur village of Tamil Nadu, India. The temple has undergone renovation very recently also locally known as “kumba Abishekam”.

This temple village has plenty of history, tradition and belief systems to offer to society over centuries.


I got very much fascinated to know that there has been an unbroken tradition to make one small elephant in stone material and keep at the outside designated area of temple premises.

This is done mainly to celebrate turn of events, good  fortunes in ones’ family whose generations worshiping the prime deity kept in the premises of  Perungalur urumanathar temple as their family deity.

As elephants in Hindu traditional system symbolizes lord Ganesha to bring home good luck strength and get rid of any negativity in the way of success.

Here I could recollect the significance of elephant images in Chinese Feng Sui practice of keeping elephant images at entrances to balance the energy flow of Yin and yang and positively maintain the flow of chi.

(I share here below some of the pictures taken by me at the temple premises of Perungalur.)

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