My journey of times in stones…Past,present and future

Bengaluru city in India has two sides of the mirror. A grand tag of India’s Silicon Valley on the one side and on the other side dripped in history and architectural values. img_20180806_100621_hdr1 I firmly hold the belief that on every one hundred steps of your journey in Bengaluru you simply stumble upon with present, past and the future.



Photo by stockresearch52

A visit* to Kote,Venkataramana Temple,Bangalore and Tipu Sultan’s Summer palace,one could realize how history minds and not minds the gap in belief systems,architectural skills and shapes and its marvels.img_20180806_100202IMG_20180806_100014.jpg

Photo by stockresearch52

In fact one could  visualize here how souls are carved on to stones and woods to make it to envelope with history of time.  (Select pictures clicked by  me are presented here.)


Photo by stockresearch52

* (Kote Venkataramana Temple, Bangalore – Tipu Sultan’s Summer Palace – img_20180806_102301_hdr


Photo by stockresearch52









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