Turned into performance spaces… Sunday 15th July 2018

The day was Sunday 15th July 2018. The place was Bangalore in southern part of India. Weather was windy evening. Time on my wrist watch was clicking 6.30 pm. I was sitting comfortably at Rama Mandira, Malleswaram watching with wonder filled eyes to see a group of empowering young group of Carnatic  musicians gathered over there to present their vocal music in cadence of melody. The august occasion was to present in vocal musical form of Navarathna Krithis of father of Carnatic music of Shri Purandara Dasa . Musical evening was lit up with luminosity.

At the same time on the same day around the globe everyone was glued to their television screen to take stock of global records of proudest moments in FIFA 2018 world Cup Football and Wimbledon Tennis. Global news channels and print media were working overtime to hunt for appropriate headline jingles. They got it tennis in “Djokovic firmly back from the beyond”   “The Djoker laughs again” “Dominant Djoker crowned Wimbledon champ” and for FIFA2018 in “The French revolution” “France wins the football world cup after 20 years” “World at France’s feet” and so on. I too was in search of jingle for my experience with music performance on that evening.IMG_20180715_195028

Personally speaking, that evening hours turned into performance space both in music and in sports.

I felt mellifluous on the performance of music rendered by talented young Turks in rendering carnatic songs. Uniqueness about these “Nav rathnas”((Jaya jaya in Natta,Adidano Ranga in Arabhi,Kallu Sakkare in Kalyani,Odi Baarayya in Bhairavi,Sakala Grahabala in Athana,Pogadiralo in Shankarabharana,Na Ninna in Kaanada,Krishnamurthy in Kambhoji,Banda Ne Ne in Shri)  is that everyone sings them in the same ragas with the same melodious tone.

I was silently recollecting my thoughts that everybody takes something home for their tomorrow. Here a practical and not so philosophical thought is ‘Have I earned my tomorrow today? This is indeed an uplifting question. Personally speaking I could see new talents both in on that day’s music and in global map of Tennis and Foot ball games.

At the end I realized how dictionary of music and sports are filled with same meaning. Music and sports have the ability to capture the abstract emotions and concrete experiences.

Truly speaking I could feel the vibrancy of sonorous surprises in me in the delightful bouquet of Nava rathna Krithis of Purandara Dasa sung by talented young artistes. The same is the tone of realization in respect of that day’s global sports events that opened new pages for thought.

In this context I cannot but vividly recollecting the following quotes when it comes to sports and music. “A trophy carries dust. Memories last forever.” – Mary Lou Retton “Good is not good when better is expected.” – Vin Scully “The difference between the impossible and the possible lies in a person’s determination.” – Tommy Lasorda

I left the music venue by recollecting the quote of Paulo Coelho that “Everyone on the face of the Earth has treasure that lays waiting for them”.