Sometimes you learn…..

WP_20160614_008.jpg A surge of my enthusiasm engulfed in me yesterday when my son showed me a book titled “A Yogi’s Autobiography”. The vibrancy in the air was palpable to me when he asked me could we go and meet Sri M the author of the said book at his residence at *Madanapalle, Andra Pradesh, India? Then we set our foot forward to reach Madanapalle bracing the heavy seasonal rain. We could reach the stipulated time of satsang (discussions) at 4pm in the evening and the function got delayed by 30 minutes and more than 40 participants gathered there from various parts of India. An unassuming friendly individual dear friend yogi Sri M walked into the hall with a bright smile on his composed face. Discussions ranged from    what are known and unknown facts in one’s life to the role of third factor in one’s life and yogi’s experience with facts and truth when he spent few years near Himalaya Mountain and so on. Discussions went on till 5.45 Pm and then he blessed all participants for the best. ( one may click the following links to know his broader perspective of…… Wisdom of the Rishis – Q & A with Sri M – How do miracles happen?…. The Modern Mystic: Sri M of Madanapalle Q & A with Sri M – How do miracles happen? SOULJOURNS – SRI M – PART 2 (BE SURE TO SEE PART 1 AS WELL) SOULJOURNS – PART 1 – SRI M – A STUNNING FIRST PERSON ACCOUNT OF A ……*Madanapalle)sri M book cover

While returning on my way back to home at Bangalore, India, wondering what is this all about? I was loud in my thinking that how come since time immemorial the cosmic battle between reasons, superstition, happiness and chaos in our daily life has been the centre point of discussions without clear direction.

I further quizzed to myself is it due to this fact a new cult of therapists is on the rise in metros across globe conducting workshops, courses and sessions to help individuals to understand and bursts their “self” in the name of mediation/yoga and all catching up buzz word amongst only the urban elite segregating most of the rest in the society.  What is the real impact of this unknown magnetism and it is a trillion-dollar question without feedback.

How to obtain insights of peace, get rid of stress, fear and gather hope, confidence in one’s life and so on are discussed across at all TV channels in India in the morning hours in order to tone up one’s mind and body and further Corporate organizes regular programme for their executives regularly on the above. I hold the point of view that it is all only a transformative move and no one knows the time limit of relationships of yoga and meditation to galvanize the sense of purpose and engagement in one’s life posting transformation approach.

It looks there exists a market mania for products like meditation, yoga and so on. What is missing in this choreographed atmosphere is focused thought on why do we need a supermarket environment for yoga and meditation? Or is it true that the inner vitality of that strange language and mode of action is only known to its seller? And as the panorama unfolds we shall know the reality that where we are all heading for? Are we supposed to know that currently the most pronounced words include YOGA and Meditation? Without exactly knowing what it means in ones’ life environment?







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