My life’s ocean street..….. September……my thoughts


photo by stockresearch52

photo by stockresearch52

Shining bright stars stole the night away

on 21st September some sixty-two years ago.

22nd September was my first morning sun that woke my eyes.

Thank god no E-greetings for me, to my mum and dad.

Thus my life’s journey began and no piano was played.

My parents taught me values of life,

saving, gifting,helping the needy

not borrowing and indulge in splurging.

And the power of gratitude.

I grew up by speaking to

my encounter with life’s experiences,

with human behavior and psychology.

Hearing its essence in silence

in the pages of my life’s dictionary.

Pressed my best foot forward to the tunes

Of hard work and self-discipline faithfully.

I hardly had faiths in any sort of epiphany.

As I grew up gradually trying

to catch the  art and science of

sweet and sour shadows

of the inner meaning of endurance of life.

I think ,I feel,I yet to understand the fine tunes.

On the stage of life, performances are

not polished, clapped but felt silently with reverence.

Never wasted my time in search of

En-route to uselessness, laziness and excuses.

Nor wasted time in search of honeyed lips.

Or spending time in discovering

Whether sun loves the moon or stars.

I love my life’s black box of experiences.

It taught me not to waste time in searching the

differences in life’s long and short thoughts.

Recollecting my thoughts on years gone by

I wonder how today Google would

go blush without any lipsticks

in searching the tracks of

sixty-two years of milestones in my life’s journey

of experiment with self discovery.

I wish  I could draw the art of living without using an eraser.

I wish life’s sonnet should have a title theme

With rhymes tuned to love, service, gratitude and trust.

Now I ask to myself

Where do I sail my wish from here?

photo by stockresearch52

photo by stockresearch52







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