clouds……… you hum in my songs

photo by stockresearch52

photo by stockresearch52

You are artists’ beauty.

You are poet’s darling.

You bring glory to my eyes

You penetrate into my soul

You speak to me with unique beauty.

You fill up my canvas of

Imagination and music.

You shape elegant beauty

to my paint brush.

You hum in my songs.

You are the morning

Voice in my poems.

You are the evening melody

in my prayers.

You are privileged

To touch the sky

Under the heaven.

You took

My mind, heart,soul and eyes.

I cannot walk up to you.

I cannot talk to you.

I ask to myself

Are you

The source of

inexpressible silence?

Why then

Make my dream blush.

You are white, black, and blue

The laboratory of your hues are infinite

In my pictures you are serene.

You took my heart

I smiled my way and

I clicked the beauty of silent

delight in my camera.

Your beauty and silence, I know

beyond camera lenses.

Your beauty should be appreciated and prayed

with one’s eyes, soul and heart!


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