My wrinkles… my experience

photo by stockresearch52
photo by stockresearch52

Silent space on my

Forehead wrinkles


tiny details of my life’s

Kingdom of experiment

with truth and gratitude.

It is not my life’s vintage point

To click in your camera.

Nor it poses the picture of

The short duration

Attraction of a rainbow.

It reflects the musings

Of a face with a mind

Over eighty long years

without make up.

My wrinkle lines

are not the app store

That you are looking forward

To download

for fun and over sharing

like garbage

With your friends

Ignoring the sustenance

of life’s lessons every day.

Don’t gaze into my wrinkles

With breathless wonder

To know what it is?

It speaks my life in silence

It echoes the melody of my

blissful thought.

It speaks of my life’s symphony

On experiment with truth.