My blog’s signature- marked 200,000

photo by stockresearch52

photo by stockresearch52


I don’t know how to present

the thought Atlas of my Blog


I delightfully speak to my blog

readers and followers

with my photographs and my thoughts.

My Blog follower’s candid comments

and their beloved likes

penetrated into my thoughts,

mind, heart and eyes.

My blog readers’ unspoken wish has been

granted in the form of two awards.

My heartfelt thanks

for those inspiring awards and words.

This would help to search the best in me.

The vibe is immeasurable.

Today is special to all associated hearts and minds with my blog.

My blog’s signature in number has

touched just now more than 200,000 hearts and minds.

Indeed an immeasurable milestone!

I share this joyous occasion with my blog

readers and followers  by dedicating my favorite photo clicks.


16 thoughts on “My blog’s signature- marked 200,000

  1. Congrats! Thank you for sharing your wonderful photos! It is true that a picture says 1,000 words (or more). Visiting your blog for a thoughtful picture is just as enriching as reading someone else’s blog! I look forward to many more wonderful blog posts!


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