Number 5 wears a hat

photo by stockresearch52

Number 5 wears a hat

Number 55 wears what?

experienced hats

I don’t know.

I leave it to

the sparkling stars

and cool sea breeze

to decide.

She is a lady in lad’s white hat

Sitting gently on the sea-shore

With her sharp judging eyes.

She is in her 55th year

of life’s journey.

She recalls her memories

dipped in days and years.

Her chemistry knows

Water symbolizes the change.

Her experience

taught her lessons


bigger is not better always

She knows for life

bee is important than honey

She knows feet is vital

not nail polish.

She is just 55.

Life for her is

no more

puzzle pieces.

She doesn’t require GPS

when she knows

her  home

destination is

Love and affection.

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  1. Nice to meet you, Chitra! And thanks for visiting my blog :-)
    I just read your post, and I think it’s great! I’ll come back more often :-)


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