Personal gift giving or receiving is increasingly wrapped with sentiments

I know that personal gift giving or receiving is increasingly wrapped with sentiments, love, courage, strength, emotions, prestige and so on and so forth.There are so many reasons and occasions to give and to receive gifts.The list is end less.Here I am not either saying that one need to read Waldfogel, J.: Scroogenomics: “Why You Shouldn’t Buy Presents” before making up your mind to purchase a gift.Or the need to understand what is “Shoptimism”.

It is no more a simple normal activity directing you to watching a forced smile in the face of a giver as well as the receiver.
It has become more complicated and a sensitive one. No more a simple activity of buying, packing and presenting.

Sometime it is also considered as very mechanical and plastic or a very routine activity like buying milk or rice or wheat or vegetables from nearby mom and pop stores. Many times one tends to think that it is only mandatory.

The bottom line is choosing a proper gift and buying it can be a tricky, sensitive and a boring activity too. You get stressed out when the situation arises to select a one for your near and dear.The range and the choices are huge in the context of growing fashion trends and e-commerce shopping style.
The subject of gift management is special to contemporary youths.
It has also emerged over the days a very money spinning industry with mind-boggling trade turnover. The difficulty is finding and choosing the right gifts. When looking for advice, there is an abundant amount available, but what advice is the right advice?

It is a billion dollar question.

In my house if I open the cupboard my mind goes tipsy in seeing an un opened or half-opened gift wraps. Mostly I found repetitive cut glass mugs, articles and so on. Space management has become an issue in keeping the received gifts. The biggest dilemma is what I would do with those gifts that I may not be using in my life at all.
I cannot forget an incident in my life. I presented few years back a video game to my friend’s school attending son. Later on when I came to know that the video game created more noise in the house from his mother because her son got hooked all the time into the game which had an impact on the performance of his studies, I felt sad. No way I was responsible for that! Therefore choosing a perfect gift is a tougher one.
The psychology and the economics of gift giving has become an important topic for discussion in any household. It is taking place directly or indirectly. You cannot deny it.
Some say they don’t believe in giving gifts. Not always it has to be a quid pro quo arrangement.
I also don’t believe anyone should ever match a gift to the recipient’s household income. I don’t want to get into gossips around worth and utility of gifts.

I read sometime back that seventy percent of the items shopper’s purchases are things they had no intention of buying (for gifting) when they entered the store.

What I learnt from my experience regarding gift is the manner of giving is worth more than the gift. Yesterday is history. Tomorrow is a mystery. And today is a gift. That’s why we call it the present.
I strongly believe that the greatest gift is not found in a store but in the hearts of the giver. Do you?

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  1. Friendship is the greatest gift of all. At my age, I give my friends a gift card for a massage, but that isn’t something I would have given when I was younger.


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