Things happen in life-my BROWN bag days

Things happen in life.

Although I am in my early sixties my family members still call me a fussy-eater kid.
I wonder many times why.

This might be because of my childhood eating habits.
Strict scheduling of my breakfasts ,lunch and dinner timings.

One thing I cannot forget  even today is  how I loved to carry my brown bags to my school,college and to my office except on travelling outsations.

Carrying a tiff-in box or what it is popularly known as bento box has been ubiquitous when I was going to school,college and to office.Now,I don’t think so. I wonder why.

Perhaps every school,college and offices have their own canteens or food courts and so on.
One  prefer to eat over there.Don’t mind the cost,quality and hygiene.

I am constrained to say that every thing has been changed for quick bucks.

I still remember my mom, when I was a school going boy and my wife slaving in the kitchen preparing lunch box for me to office.
This has been a personal part of south Indian culture in India.Now it is slowly taking a back seat.

For reasons unknown to me.It is almost an ignored household activity.

My wife has been a hard task master in implementing in our house what is called “clean your lunch and dinner serving plate” and “carry your brown bag” to school and office.

I still could recollect that most of the time  my brown bag or bento box has been packed with yogurt rice and pickles and sometimes veggie sticks,fruit pieces,veg curries,home made sweets and so on.

I have kept still my primary school lunch box in my showcase as a cute memory.

Fashion forward kids and office going techies today ask you isn’t “THAT” a terrible thing to carry the brown bag?- Eating the same boring thing everyday.

As you know that eating out daily costs much more than cooking and bringing a brown bag to work.

Those who are motivated will actually take the time to cook at home and not minding to prepare their brown bags.

My point of view is that you please try to turn off the hate for a minute and appreciate something that is a different idea.Nobody is forcing you to do it.

But if you need to lose weight or save money you might give it a try.

Don’t say it that on paper everything is easy.

Everything will become easier through time as conscious effort becomes more of a habit.
But it requires commitment nonetheless.

8 replies to “Things happen in life-my BROWN bag days

  1. Thank you so very much for liking my post today on Tide Line Still Life. I really appreciate it and enjoyed meeting you through it. One of the best parts about the blog is how very small the world becomes through it. Best, Maggie


  2. So true about the lost economy, efficiency (and a sort of beauty) brown bag lunches! In fact, I have urged my husband to begin this routine again and it is working– weight decrease, feeling better, taking time away from work. Oh, and a hearty thank you for the “like” of my poem (#6) on my poetry blog!


  3. Very nice post. Taking the brown bag and lunch box keeps your tummy cool and your health in good condition. The new generation cool ignores this. – Mohan


  4. I think the key thing is that most people just don’t take the time to prepare healthy food to take into work these days. Too busy and running out the door. I am sorely guilty as I often intend to chop a nice salad with the perfect toppings and take it to the office for lunch, but my good intentions are rarely executed. If you want to control the ingredients of what you eat, it is the only way though. I promise to be better. Good topic really!!


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