NO keys, no locks and no doors but a village town exists

I am not quizzing to you that where exists a twenty-first century wonder village.

NO keys, no locks and no doors but a village town exists and engages in all economic and commercial activities. Locking ones’ houses or shops door is never heard or seen by people living in this village for centuries.

I was curious to know the secrecy behind this door less village. When I first heard I thought it could happen only in  dreams.

To get the feel of this village life along with my family members I set out for a trip from Mumbai by road to Shani Shingnapur,Maharashtra,India.

The village can be located just 360 Kilo-ms away from Mumbai,India the financial capital of India. It is a village known by its name as Shani Shingnapur.Shingnapur is in the Ahmednagar district of Maharashtra state in India. It is about 60 km from Ahmednagar.

A small Hindu temple popularly known as Shani Shingnapur is situated in the shani Shingnapur village. The population of the village is just exceeding 7000.

There is a belief among st the villagers that if anybody tries to steal anything from this village their eyes are supposed to become blind and hence by tradition the villagers when they construct their houses and shops they don’t fix doors.

A small temple devoted to lord Shani is the main center

of attention. It has been told that in this land of Shani Dev, the lord shani has self appeared from the earth in  the form of black but impressive stone. This temple does not have any roof over it like other Hindu temples. Lord Shani traditionally has been depicted as extremely dark wearing black clothes and mounted on a vulture like crow. This shani lord appears to possess immense power to ward off evils that come in the way of your life.

After really experiencing in person what is truth and openness I am not willing to lend my ears to the philosophical explanations on trust, faith and so on.

What about you?

(I share below some additional information.)

Lord Shani – is worshipped extensively across the length and breadth of India.According to Hindu belief and Vedic astrology, Shani or Saturn occupies the seventh place among the nine Navagraha or planets (celestial gods) that govern our lives.Shani occupies the principal position among the pantheon of Hindu deities in warding off evil and to get rid off obstacles.Saturday is the day devoted to Lord Shani.

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  1. If they live without doors, it must work for them. Different cultures have different rules. I wonder, are the villagers a happy people?


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