Zombies of same rituals

I get up  all the week days around five ‘o’ clock in the early morning. I am a budding techie. I have to get ready to catch up an early morning pick up cab to work to go to Whitefield, Bangalore, India. I religiously work for a Swiss multinational. I just joined the company. I am not thinking of attrition and not planning to hop out of my job. I read about recession and not really experienced.

I see the same faces riding every morning sometime different drivers and different color and size pick up cab or van.   Most of the fellow travelers bathed either in nauseating smell of colored gel,  perfume  or deodorant spray. It irritates me in the bright morning hours.

Most of them engage in chit-chat or gossips or pretending to be busy with their cell phones. Some of them dodge with their cell phones to track the boring activities of their so-called, face or faded book friends. Talk widely or loudly about their latest gadgets. Sometime they flash their money purse with many new plastic colored cards.  Of course their ATM,debit and credit cards are their closest godly friends.Some pretend to cover their perfumed faces with some magazines and daily news papers. Some engage in silent prayers. Some take chances to catch up their yesterdays’ deficit sleep. In short I sincerely feel that you can brand them as zombies of same rituals.

One fine morning I noticed a new comer occupying a window seat usually occupied by a talkative woman holding his big black colored bag filled with his old jacket, tennis racket and pairs of shoes and a laptop. He would very often look out of the window with empty glance and talked to himself something which neither I could not hear nor understood properly.

Finally I volunteered and introduced myself to him. I asked him how his experience was on the first day of his journey to office in a pickup van. He replied that he prayed to god to give him ‘lots of patience’ to adjust himself in the cab.

When I got up from my sleep I realized that it was my dream. I thanked god that in real life I am not a techie living in Bangalore, India to travel in a pickup van or a cab to go to office.

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