Saying hello and congratulating…costs.. !

Wedding card words and gift envelopes are in search of smart status. I just received a marriage invitation card. It is indeed one of few cards that I received in recent times is different.

It is just like any normal wedding invitation card and in no way it has neither unique in design nor in style.  But the last line caught my attention.


The last line in the card reads like this “avoid giving packed and enveloped gifts please”.

I really liked it and I fully subscribe to that point of thought.

It may not be for me an unreasonable wedding experience.  I understood how true in today’s world saying hello and congratulating costs especially in weddings.

Fortunately or unfortunately you cannot avoid some embarrassments when it comes to marriage invitations and attending guests.

Sometime some ideas and thoughts turned out to be stimulating and stunning in the context of rising graph of wedding budgets.

When I read today about those brides from Los Angeles to London turning into bridezillas screaming “show me the money” it spins my head at 360 degree level. If you want to experience such real time spin you may please read to click to, and

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