Facing the Bangalore Mirror

It seems to me that I have grown older and the city of Bangalore has grown younger.  The time span is over twenty years. Today’s Bangalore has gained a brand status in the growth map of India. Bangalore has emerged as India’s growing millionaire’s city.

The brand status of Bangalore has created many agreeable doubts in my mind.

I am not going on an epic rant either for or against the impressionable changes that I noticed in the past two decades in its social, cultural and political circuits.

Local Daily Print media is flooded with advertisements on cookies, noodles, honey, gold, real estate dreams, shopping discounts and latest gadgets covering wide range to suit consumer’s taste and purse.     The road side bill boards prove the fact that Shopping Malls, here, mastered the art of attracting” shopaholics” and “cosmoholics”.

Attractive Ads on admissions to colleges and schools are also very visible. Ads on Hospital facilities are very wide and in detail enough to attract patients from all over the world.

From time to time mild protests do crop up from the citizens about the wrong side of felling off trees and other serious municipal services deficiencies and also about the impending ballooning of water crisis to the city households.

Last month  the dairy of Bangalore has been the busiest one. Democratic election resulted in new Chief Minister of Karnataka, Shri. Siddaramaiah, assuming office, for a change. Bangalore experienced one of the hottest summers in the last decade.

The city also celebrated the mother’s Day in its own style followed by Akshya Trithiya Day. Boulevard got a rangoli touch to facilitate the urban side of Mahatma Gandhi Road to meet the urban art of Bangalore. I like the bus daily pass system and the management of the urban Public transport system. Bangalore is eagerly waiting for the spread of Metro Rail transport. I am not touching how the chances are balanced for RCB in the current IPL cricket match season, although I crossed the stadium twice in the last week.bhajan-function 009

Now I have become a Bangalorean. But I am not a digital tribe. Nor I am a Smartphone empowered countrymen. Nor I am enthused to scroll on my computer to read self important updates, soppy quotes and haiku tweets. I am not interested to get in to the illusion of celebrity hood by downloading my picture updates frequently and forcing others to draw attention towards it in this attention seeking age!

I believe in social situation and hold firm conviction in respect of the point of view that good things come in small packages, all nonsense eases instantly and one could always not follow bores. I am of the view that you ‘dress to the face and not dress the face.

I know every temptation has a price. That is why last Sunday I did not plan to accompany my family members to go to any shopping Malls to gaze the arrival of limited edition gadgets. I don’t seriously subscribe to the point of view of limited edition gadget purchasers’ club.

On the other hand I decided to drop into my neighbor’s flat to listen to the Bhajan – voices of promising group of talented youngsters. It was indeed thrilling, positive and a new experience for me in Bangalore. Like mirror few things are timeless in our life. You will agree with me that devotional songs recited in praise of, and expressing love for and gratitude to the lord almighty is indeed time less.