Are you in search of exclusivity in your Gated community living? – Hello to establish a community vibe

After  lot of discussion and debate over two years our family is getting ready to move into our own new flat in a  Gated community.

And in other words we are readying ourselves to say a quick hello to establish a community vibe.

I am not sure about my search of exclusivity in the style of living in the community apartments?

I know that the Press, residents and promoters eulogize about gated communities and group housing.

This bit of changing nature of ‘social space’ especially in Bangalore, India is under deep debate.

Choosing to live in a gated housing estate is after all one’s personal preference.

It is going to be new experience for me. I never lived in such environment.I am not thinking about the pros and cons of living in a gated community.Of course I am bowled by sheer size, facilities, landscaping, and a serene ambiance and equally concerned by cost tag attached to all add-on and its sustainability.But certainly it deserves a debate.I leave the debate part to urban architects and sociologists to talk about it.

My mind set takes a lot of spin when I think of getting ready to move in.

Getting ready to move is not as easy as you think.

Preparations towards is indeed a huge pain and stressful one. DSC_0151

Why it is so.

photo by stockresearch52

photo by stockresearch52

photo by stockresearch52

photo by stockresearch52

I am really wrestling with my old articles, books and other things.

What shall I do with my furniture, clothes, wardrobes, kitchen items, fittings and other stuff which I bought some years back with some feelings and attachment for the existing house? Till today I looked upon it as a great milestone in my life.

My family members are all in whole conflict with decision ladder.

That is to keep, sell, donate or dump in nearby dustbin.

In the context of the new flat’s style, design and painting and so on all current articles in our possession looks like a crap attached with only value and nostalgia.

Do you mean to say that all of sudden these articles do not fit into your new physical and mental space?

Further in the newer environment creating a new storage space for your articles is going to be expensive.

Thereby I have landed in a perfect dilemma indeed.

I also hear from my neighbors’ in the community that in their hurry to catch with up trendy furnishing they landed up in wrong choices and now which are irreversible because they had already sunk lots of money in their interiors.

I cannot conclude is it due their perceptions of unrealistic expectations?

May be every family member is placed in their high point anxiety to turn out to be interior designers for the new flat without proper budget!

I read recently that…”The styles are lie”.  Therefore while doing interiors go for the need based one and not definitely for the fashion and temporarily good looking deceptive styles.  My experience say go for utility point of view as suited for your life style and value for money.

When it comes to buying flat and setting a design to live do you then buy the argument that the social fabric has changed from one of conservatism and savings, searching value in money to one of too much of aggressiveness and splurging.

I wonder whether people like me moving to newer flat in gated community are individual pockets in the urban grain, standing alone with decision conflicts.

I feel that burying the unknown is the first move naturally to build an apartment life that feels close-knit.  After all moving to a new neighborhood means meeting new people with diverse background and finding new ways to join the community to connect new social vibe.