Bangalore’s visual cacophony of colors-street art and crafts….a photo feature

I don’t belong to the club of morning car walkers in Bangalore. I don’t wear fancy sports shoes, costly sports attire and go for morning walk wearing pricey perfumes and deodorant. Yesterday with an inquisitive mind and a camera in hand presented to me by my son I just went for a stroll.  Like all pedestrians I also stopped at a midpoint on the road leading to Kumaraswamy layout and stared at those marvelous molded art crafts displayed on the roadside.005

A small conversation with those village migrants, minding the sales, from Bhilwara (Rajasthan, India) to Bangalore led me to understand the truth behind those lovely colors and expressions portrayed on their works lying on the pavement a midst frenzied street traffic. I realized the spirit of excellence and mind in equilibrium in their creations.

I know it is very difficult to circle the sky even in dream. But I could do it in my talk with those migrated artisans. I got moved with their skills relating to craft, planning and displaying of their creations on the rough and crude surface of the street.  Their logistic thinking and marketing strategy model would beat my years of learning from management school.

In the context of techies’ migration race into the city of Bangalore from different parts of the globe, in this digital era, a welcome relief for me to have a conversation with different folks…

In those self taught skilled artisans who migrated to the city of Bangalore some ten years ago I could realize that how one should always grow with experience.

I just started clicking my camera rewinding my memories on Banksy’s film” Exit through the Gift shop” that tells the story of  Thierry Guetta, a French immigrant in LosAngeles and his obsession with street art.017