Kolkata- A street scene I cannot mind my eyes

I don’t know does any type of nostalgia need  introspection. I am definitely not talking about loss of my contemporary tech gadgets. I am neither an Android nor an Apple fan boy. Here, I am talking about my association with the city of Kolkata, West Bengal, India. I don’t toss a coin  now and then to pass any value judgments of this great traditional city under the sun.

The city in my eyes represent yesterday, today and also definitely tomorrow. Kolkata stands on its own identity. People top the agenda for their simplicity. I don’t find anything  that sort of imported culture here. The city is very old. It is a tri- junction of faith, culture and hope. May be missing the link in discovery and entrepreneurship but one find in it more sensitive poetry, music, food, sweets, participation politics and street activism?

I cannot mind my eyes. It has been a great experience for me to walk on its busy streets filled with chaotic pavements amidst loud noise of hawkers shout in selling all sorts of items. I stumbled upon many pavement scenes of Kolkata, India. Those scenes colored my enthusiasm.

Here we go; tiny shops spread across the main streets of Kolkata are busy in selling some tuft(twig) like stuff.   Shop keepers engaged themselves busy in tying some sort of tiny green fresh tufts in colored threads and wearing them onto either customer’s wrist or on their upper arm like an amulet.

After some curious doubting enquiries with the passersby I understood that people go crazy over it and wear it to ward off theirs astrological or horoscope ‘Dhoshas” or upsets. It is simply a faith miracle of an individual perception!

I wondered the power of their conviction and faith miracle in the smallest tuft(twig) of a specific tiny plants grown over nearby places and quickly recollected what Arvind Adiga book titles “white Tigers” reveals!

I boarded my train to Bangalore, India from Howrah station by recollecting my thoughts on do we really need spiritual or faith anchors in our life?


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