Hey Camera- Kolkata’s Hidden Identity

I am back to blogging after a long hiatus.

I never wanted to queue in my memory lane.

Nor I am on a self rewinding movement of my thoughts.

Of course I cannot avoid when I think of the hidden identity of the city of Kolkata, India.I spent the May Day of this year in Kolkata I am conquered by my nostalgic bites of this great city.

Some call this city as the city of joy and others call it a city of processions and so on.

The city life has been a theme of many hit movies and filmy songs in India.

I know that the trick is in telling the story and carving one’s own identity.

My loyalty quotient in respect of the city of Kolkata is very high.

The remembering must go on.

I agree that orderly chaos in the city is perpetual.

Streets are never silent.

Public finds a problem in any solution.

It is known for its street junk food.

Political, economic or social or any other issues are often very much sensationalized.

On many local forums the city’s unique life style has been debated widely.It never escaped the internet sensation going viral about its random chaos in all walks of life.

Street corner ’Adda culture” over sipping a cup of tepid tea sitting on a wooden bench is well known folklore here.

The city is very well known for its affinity and love for its music, literature and theater Though one could visibly notice some municipal backwardness the city is remembered for its glorious past.When I was busy in clicking my camera in taking pictures someone behind me called hey camera.

In every piece of activity in this glorious city you will find a story to tell and reason to ponder

My camera captures pictures of some hidden identity for anyone to think that while time passes the object and the unique style and spirit lives on.

I boarded the train to Bangalore, India, by recollecting what Voltaire said “They are fools who light a candle to look at the sun”.


One thought on “Hey Camera- Kolkata’s Hidden Identity

  1. A wonderful thought provoking nostalgic writing about our dear Kolkata. Yes it is true Kolkata touches our hearts deeply and we feel it so much when we are there with a feeling of belonging.
    Thanks for sharing this .


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