My Mindset- Money -2012- the Bottom Line

I don’t think that I would ever imagine that I would never make a mint if I don’t make smart investments.  At the same time I will not conclude that in today’s economy, it is difficult to look past now to see the promise of tomorrow.  I always remember one thing in life that the barking dogs cannot stop the moving Caravan.

Of course I am firm in my conviction that numbers in any one’s personal finance balance sheet changes their mind. It may sound simple, but at the ground level whether it works at your end or not completely depends on your money mindset.

I am certainly not a scion of a noble line of disciplined financial gurus? But I follow what I was taught by my parents in my younger days about savings and investments and my gathered commonsense experience over these years.

As the year 2012 is drawing closer I just had a talk with myself on my mindset on money and investment matters and would like to share the following thoughts with my blog readers.

 (1) First flash that comes to my mind is how I got bruised much with financial infidelity from my near and dear ones. This discloses the fact that too many people live in the moment. Their money mindset is beyond cure. They are mostly suffering from incurable financial amnesia. It is very difficult for me to pardon any sort of financial infidelity. I subscribe to point out that any journey in personal finance is a journey in behavioral psychology.

(2) I believe that I should invest independently from the herd.

(3) When it comes to stock investments I should learn to ignore the Mainstream Chatter to Spot Big-Picture.

(4) After experiencing the market volatility in 2012 I learnt that the downside fall is faster and steeper as opposed to its upside.

(5) When it comes to market analysis and corporate research reports I experienced that most of them engage themselves constantly to spin the latest news and statistics to serve their predetermined outlook.

(6) After reading and experiencing more about the spread and the size of financial scams across the globe I fell that the financial safeguards in the law (irrespective of the region) at that moment are tragically antiquated and weak.

(7) Investing and getting the expected rate of return in stocks is unpredictable. Investors are failing to meet their expectations and promises of both the ends of the risk return pyramid.

(8) If you don’t make saving and investing a priority, your account balance will never grow. Asset buyers are always  biased to think bullish about asset prices.

(9) Budget and diet control makes a person wealthy and healthy.

(10) I cannot subscribe to the morals of borrowing for personal consumption. One should not fall prey to any sort of merchant pushes. What I think is better to understand the minute aspects of merchant push versus consumer pull in a given market situation.

At the end of the day one should understand that regarding personal money matters you are the referee, you are the rules,you are the player and you are the playground. You will come to know your financial epiphany. After-all you are umpiring your money(dirty) secrets!


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