Obesity- Social battle against the bulge- Compulsions of modern life style

These days, one of the recurring themes I keep getting is about lifestyle and obesity. I am not alone to think that obesity has been emerging as an alarming social issue in the context of compulsions of modern life.

There has been a load of headlines on obesity. Recent News Paper Headlines say-“One in 4 school kids in metros obese: Survey” -TOI 20 Nov 2012, “4 out of 10 Bangaloreans are obese” -TOI 15 Nov 2012,”One in three Indians is overweight” shows study-TOI ,November 2, 2012. The trend is really disturbing.One should indulge in self scanning of shelf to street products putting up tall and misleading claims about fast reduction of obese.

I feel serious.Obesity is no more laughing matter. It is indeed a growing epidemic. In the battle against the bulge, parents, teachers, media, schools and educational authorities, human resources professionals have got greater role to play. It is time that you turn your mental microscope into a wide angle lens to understand the depth of the issue.

I got moved completely when I read the observations of (American Heart Association’s Conference in New Orleans) a few years back that the thickness of artery walls of children and teenagers who are obese or have high cholesterol resembled the thickness of artery walls of an average 45-year-old.

A serious thought and friendly approach is needed to deal with this vital issue of the society. Parents should restrict their wards from long hours of TV watching and playing computer games.

Public Medical and Health schemes should include child obesity as top most priority in their agenda of social development.Schools and colleges should come up to tackle this serious issue. World Health Organization has estimated as back as in 2007, those 22 million children under the age of five were overweight and more are expected to join the club of obese.

Experts on this subject predicted that by 2035, there would be 100,000 additional cases of heart disease attributed to current instances of obesity in children.

It is needless to emphasis the point that it is long overdue that media, parents, doctors, schools and peers need talking more about the perils of obesity especially childhood.

The issue of couch or mouse potatoes should be addressed in a broader perspective in restoring better quality life.


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    1. Thanks for ferrying into my blog and expressing your valid comments on this vital social issue of “obesity”. Any lame duck commercial solution for this epidemic should be fought fiercely.
      A genuine effort to confront this silent menace is called for. I also appreciate your thought of taking the subject to among your friends. Keep it up. You can also request them to air their point of view through my blog.Wishing you good luck.


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