My world of personal finance- is it difficult to locate the corner in a circle?

I just got a mail from my friend stating that “when it comes to my personal finance I leap first and do the maths later”. I am still wondering is this the median way to approach your personal finance? How do you really approach your financial epiphany?

The ugly side of the credit explosion due to rampant consumerism successfully put you directly or indirectly in a debt trap. People are habituated to live beyond their means with high financial leverage and successfully taking their installment either payment or default to their grave. How long?

When it comes to personal and family finances I am a classic think first and do person. I know it is very difficult to locate the corner in a circle. You cannot help it. You have to practice financial fidelity somehow. My father did it and my grandfather did it and I am doing it therefore then why cannot my sons and my friends or other family members? That should be the spirit.

How many of my friends have a straight answer if I ask you what your financial practice is? I know expectation is a tenacious animal. But reality is just as doggedly, a reminder.

There is crack in everything that is how the light gets in. This is true when it comes to your psychology to credits and borrowings. If you want to be smarter about money, you don’t necessarily have to be smarter. I strongly believe that any journey in personal finance towards perfection is a journey in behavioral psychology.

You can mange your skills in handling all your income, saving, investment and spending and definitely not borrowing provided you self examine your attitude towards money. But definitely not through helpful lessons on budgeting tips or advanced iPhone apps — by real, hard, careful work on self-improvement and so on.

There is a common saying that rings the bell that still can ring. This is absolutely true when you apply this logic to your personal finance! Choices are getting increasingly difficult when the messaging all around you is to always spend, spend and spend. Just talk to yourself the need for and practice financial fidelity- that might help you to fix your financial imbalances if any.

My friend’s philosophy on money theme keeps repeating itself in my world of financial media. I have been thinking deeply about it for sometime how come the psychology of money is far more influential and more important than maths when it comes to bottom line influence in one’s life.

Perhaps I am of the opinion that seeing all your spending through the eyes of someone who is closer to you may assist you in fixing your financial imbalance extremes sometime.

Practically I have experienced that searching methods to fit “frugality” in one’s life, although, very difficult, will take you to the true path to financial enlightenment.

I am not going philosophical and in fact I am going very practical. It is something like those 10,000 prostrations I read in a book on Yoga.

What I never done in my life is to juggle to promise to pay and to borrow from one count and so on. I hate doing it. I always remember I need to practice financial fidelity. So I am doing my best. What about you?