Investing is a state of mind – Are you in search of your money personality?

I   don’t  see exactly what I expected. I thought something but I got something different. These words are nothing but sentiments echoed often in the market by investor’s, traders and punters.
Simply chasing your target you may not reach or realize your financial goals. I can recall here Bill William’s unique Chaos Theory. You must search your money personality in you.
No second opinion can exists about the concerns of impending U.S fiscal cliff certainly posing a potentially debilitating threat to financial traders and investors.
In other words given the circumstances every one is trying to skate on thin ice when it comes to investments and money matters.
By doing so the moot question is can you achieve your financial goal or you will be interested only chasing your target.
I know that the influence of psychology in financial trading is much discussed and debated topic. It is ubiquitous but unavoidable.
The cardinal step is to know first that how your mind thinks and handles money and investment related matters.
How many of stock market investors’ friends know of their money personality which is shaped by either genetic inheritance or and by environmental influences. No health clinics are there to diagnose your money personality. I need not have to quote umpteen number of research studies on the topic.

For the first time in the past twenty seven years the U.S stock market was closed for weather reasons. This had been done perhaps to protect traders’ sentiments affecting the toll on poor trading volumes. As you know that, Bill William’s unique Chaos Theory is one of the first to make a connection between the mindset developments of investors’ and its impact and market success on their balance sheet.

According to him when investors aim to achieve long term returns it is better for him or her to cultivate their own individualistic trading philosophies and methods. Such practice he argued would fetch superior returns on stock investments. The use of other technical indicators and other research tools are secondary one especially when it came to earning reasonable long-term returns in an uncertain global business and economic environment.

I am of the opinion that investments are purely a state of mind and therefore to achieve success you have to create your own trading strategies and search your money personality.

When it comes to finance, investment and money matters don’t try to chase only your target score but try to achieve you financial goals.

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