Why your stock portfolios look like old souvenirs?

Do you agree with me that stock market investments and trading is done on emotions, psychology and not on money? Money stirs up or down your emotions.

I also know that stock trading has never been an easy occupation for individual investors using a broker service.

Internet and 24 hours business channels created a new breed of population of traders and investors in the market.

They always see the shadow of making quick bucks not minding the pitiless reality of the financial markets.

Often your decision making process is subject to your emotions like fear, greed, and thereby you get paralyzed further by your over analyzing tendency of the given market information and conditions. Such psychological traits normally control your trading psyche. Thereby you are setting up a mind trap for you.

 I am of the view that the success strikes when a trader or investor learns to manage his or her emotions associated with profits and losses or else your portfolios remain with you like old souvenirs!