Investing your retirement time and money in the Stocks-Trying to fix the fifth wheel?

Last week I was in Kolkata, India. I have a long association with this lovely city of ‘commons’. I also met many of my friends and business associates. Definitely with the mushrooming of workout studios and spa culture the urban map of Kolkata has changed.

I am definitely not going to talk about how Kolkata has taken first step towards opening frozen yogurt retail outlet for the health conscious or about its annual ‘Puja’ cultural festival preparations or about its politics of ideology.

What strokes my thinking when I heard from my Kolkata friend who has been into insurance line of business for more than two decades is that he has decided to invest his time and money into stock market investments when he retires in a matter of ten months from now from his usual insurance job?

Immediately I thought for a moment how could I share my experience in telling him that the cost of retirement is not just financial and time passing. When he has already chosen the craft the destination and the journey, how can I say the stock market is known to all, but understood by few?  I strongly behold my thought that it is not going to be a perfect morning smoothie to those in retirement’s red zone. Taxes and life insurance have a lot in common but definitely not insurance and investing in stocks. It cannot be casual. No more rotten luck and sorry investments. 

Of course no investment bible is available to you to guide yourself taking the right route to retirement. I told my friend that he must read once what Kelly Greene wrote in a Wall Street Journal Article on August 15, 2011 titled “Which Way to Retirement?” 

Also I recollected what Plato said in his famous work, The Republic- “We can easily forgive a child who is afraid of the dark; the real tragedy of life is when men are afraid of the light.” – (Allegory of the Cave)  

 The speed of return through stock investment is only a shadow of reality in the context of debt driven consumerism, officially sponsored corruption in all walks of life, stagnating and near minus average net return and bone chilling losses being reported across the global stock markets.

With your retirement money, playing a waiting game in the stock market known for it as ‘small winners club’ stacked with risk and uncertainty, if you hope that such investments will propel the return on investment far beyond the returns of  Bank Passbook Savings Accounts you are  not seeing  shadows of reality which means you prefer dreaming to consciousness.

 I told my friend that you should retire to something, not from something and if you try to fix your retirement money in stock investment as a fifth wheel for you, you will be a life long learner!

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