Stock Investments- Financial posture of retail investors

 I always remember the saying that at 25 your face is what god gave you. Beyond 50 your face is what you earned. It is apt for the retail investors who try their bets in stocks.

I am not exaggerating if I say that I know like you that cash looks good in wallet and not as payment. I also know that after several months of consolidation gold and silver are now leaving their bottoming patterns like rockets. Destination point of its seasonal patterns is not known.

However, on the other hand given the global macro economic and investment climate retail and small investors struggle to find direction. They are either reluctantly bullish or reluctantly bearish and lacking standard postures. The laundry list of potential economic problems continues. The global pie is no longer expanding under the fodder of relentless parade of disquieting economic and financial news.  Further in the context of officially sponsored corruption in all walks of life investment folks are thinking too much about the fear of loss of their savings. No one is prepared to listen to the pep up talks of the politicians’.

There is no shortage of the “if…’but, then…” type discussions on the financial TV networks on stock market analysis. Retail investors are no more interested in listening to the stock market stories of guts to glory. Small time retail investors are no more in search of juicy double-digit yields.  Small investor’s by now learned the old axiom of “cut your losses and let your winners run”.
In short, bruised investors understood clearly that they are tired of walking down the street to pick up cigar-butt stocks. Many, stopped listening to  so called free of cost’ buy sell’ recommendations from  market research pundits.

Larger nuts are not able to get through the gaps.  Hardly investors see neither muesli effect nor Brazilian nut effect in managing their stock portfolios.  Retail investors’ eyes get blurred to see their bleeding balance sheet.

They have understood that today we have a situation where market analysts are found more in numbers than genuine, patience and serious investors. No one is willing to understand the weasel’s interpretation techniques of market punters and analysts.

 No one has also forgotten the words of what Warren Buffet said, It’s only when the tide goes out that you learn who’s been swimming naked.”
My investor folks describe stock investing is no short of Padlocks with letters-puzzle. I am not in a mood to experiment the truth.

I am interested to watch the worlds’ first management film based on Chanakya’s (Chanakya India’s Machiavelli) teachings, screened in Mumbai recently titled Chanakya Speaks-The seven Pillars for Business Success.

 Perhaps the film may help to give some cue to retail and small time investors to learn the steps of winning to walk.

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