Are you one of Opinioned bears and bulls?

Opinion shaping has become the order of the day in the media on stock news and discussions.Financial media is entitled to have its headline news on stock trends and market moods.I always quiz to myself does popular opinion influence ones’ investment decisions?

Who is a professional bull and who is a professional bear?I don’t know exactly.I think mostly investors and traders are nothing but opinioned bulls and bears.

I am also not denying the fact that every investor or a trader in the stock market is entitled to have their opinion on the market mood and about the strength of their investments and respective convictions.

Then who will tell you or what factors will guide you that ‘yes’ it is safe, now to load the boat.

Is it necessary for one to know all the minute grammar of investing? Do many of us before taking investment decisions resort to only popular Opinion and news or to our convictions or wisdom?I wonder many times whether the stocks move the news or the news move the stocks.I am simply puzzled!

 Market opinion is undoubtedly very fundamental in deciding the direction and the pace of change in price volatility and the mood of the investors and traders at a given point of time.

After buying or before selling a stock have you ever thought about this?I know it is very difficult to fathom what the source of this opinion bank is, many times.

I simply wondered where the market is getting crowded in opinion shaping and why. Most of the time the mood defies the fundamentals, I am surprised to put my brain into the ‘whys’ of it without getting self satisfying answers.

Making the right decisions about your investments really does begin by asking the right questions first.What are the “right” questions? I don’ have either the right or the wrong answers. If I research for direction my ignorance is exposed.

Better ask yourself first that:

Are we defying the fundamental logic of rationale thinking behind our buy or sell calls?

Are we always in search of new set of emotions and fresh kind of sentiments to guide our buying and selling calls of stocks and thereby penciling the market trend?

Are we forced to succumb to popular mass opinion pressure of extreme optimism or extreme mood of pessimism?

The worst thing is that how you can extrapolate tomorrow’s trend in today’s market mood! Is it nothing but resorting to some sort of managed or syndicated opportunism?

 Leave all the above for a minute. On the ground level retail investors are always resort to either with their luck or fate to make money in stocks. Mostly they tend to ignore and in fact blind to the minute details of investment grammar.

 Those who believe in their luck or in fate in respect to their stock investments should read and understand that -“Fate is like a strange, unpopular restaurant filled with odd little waiters who bring you things you never asked for and don’t always like”….LEMONYSNICKET

After all stock investments are knots without any clue either to the beginning or to the ending!

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