Stock Investments-Teach yourself first the menu list

level playing groundRemember and try to understand whenever you take any stock investment decision the Chinese saying that “You can’t pour fresh hot tea into a cup of stale cold tea”.
Also try to understand the moral message from the picture given here before deciding to invest your hard earned savings into stocks. I feel except the market price quotes nothing is level playing in managing your stocks. There is no readymade or instant recipe for profits. After studying the picture any investor would bound to decode their thoughts about the impact of learning from investment advisors, equity research reports, seminars and so on. There is nothing holy or sacred about more than 180 technical indicators that are available for tracking the trend, leave alone fundamental indicators.
If you understand and think that you can really execute the following at the ground level you may please go ahead otherwise it may be only a self defeating game with time and money waste. No investment gym can save you from the pale.
If you are aspiring to invest in stocks you may think it over the following menu list. Of course the list is endless and may differ from person to person. I have listed below the best ones that strike to me.
1. There is no dictionary to provide you the practical meaning of exact differences between traders and investors, bulls and bears and optimists and pessimists or short and long term investors in stock investments. Don’t bother to dig the meaning. It is useless and only times pass. You better concentrate on your investments only. Whenever you make fresh investments remember that you are learning bi-cycle for the first time.
2. Right portfolio creation is something like planning to produce a female child who would grow and win the future crown of Ms World title!! . On the contradictory what is wrong portfolio! No one has defined!
3. Following others in stock market investments often lead people to a point of no return of total loss. Following others blindly means that you are following only mistakes! It is something like waiting to catch the flight at the shipping port!!
4. As you know a good investor seldom tracks the stock market volatility. Don’t try to catch the windy trend in your hand. Don’t ever try to over analyze about either stock dreams or dream stocks.
5. Don’t be a blind follower of analysts and tipsters to avoid huge money loss and mistakes. Most of the time they all turn out to be like what you read for your birth stars forecast in weekly magazines. If you have the urge to grow rich quickly and you are of overconfident guy stock market is the last place for you. Here patience prays and pays well.

6. As you know that any micro monitoring on the activity and volatility of stock market is the symbol of panic mind and such restless people lose money without any doubt.
7. If you lose money please don’t think that you are alone. You don’t try to get a census list of losers in stock investments. Don’t think that there is no investor in the world who never had any mistakes. Don’t think that no investor had lost money in stock investing.

8. Try to follow successful losers and learn from their mistakes. Following successful investors you will not get to know their mistakes and failures. Blind following would put normal ordinary retail investors to the deep well with no escape ladder. Follow the whys of failures and not the success. You learn more from failures in investment and definitely not from success stories. Knowing into others’ failures would strengthen your learning and pour more practical wisdom in you.
9. Don’t ever try to expect twitter like suggestions or tips in buying and selling in stocks. Don’t succumb to or react to instant tips and investment suggestions.
10. If you wish to watch your stock prices you may do once in a month. This will help you to commit fewer mistakes. Fully understand that no complete guide is available for making profits in stocks.
The menu list may differ from person to person and environment to environment. My good luck wishes for your investments.

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