Is Market fed by liquidity diet ?– is it time for bears to turn bullish?

Global stock market scenario in terms of mood and psychology has changed drastically.
Across the globe stock markets rallied.
I cannot answer with conviction if you ask me that whether is it a one legged rally?
New numbers are posted on daily and weekly basis into the global stock indexes.
I am not interested in quoting any boring statistics.
One cannot deny the fact that new number map is emerging slowly and steadily.
How to manage them?
No one so for has got any clue.
Such sudden and sharp moves surprised every one associated with stock investments.
Does that mean you are now no more scared by gloomy business headlines and stories of debt crisis?
Strangely now ‘New Hopes’ to both bulls and to the bears are growing from strength to strength.
Surprisingly the newly found optimism rules the market equally both for the bulls and for the bears!
Investors and stock analysts talk about consolidation.
Talk is loud to mark new peak levels for the index and so on.
Equity analysts are busy in recasting their equity research reports!
Business dailies are in search of new headline stories.
Why it is so?
The factor behind the mood changer is “Liquidity”
There is no secret about it.
The market is fed with liquidity diet.
It is simply fresh liquidity chasing the market.
The bigger question is what developments would force the bears turn to be bullish?
I don’t know.
No real answer is located so far.
Even Google search will not help you to locate answers.
However, market punters come out with dozen reasons.
Are you therefore now at the opposite trend of the market?
Think for a while.
Are small investors starting to pile in just as the market march towards a significant peak?
No firm answer is coming through.
Can this trend attract wider participation?
No firm comments or suggestions.
Can this newly found market optimism attract fresh investors to pump in more money and savings in to stock investments?
I don’t think so.
But wiser brains talk about a level for India’s NIFTY at 6125 and for DOW at 14k.
Only time will tell the truth.
Wiser brains also discuss and firm about the major correction only from May-June 2012.
Does that mean till such time you have to enjoy the party?
I cannot take any sides now. I am happy to be neutral.
I always belong to the school of neutral thinking.
My experience says that one thing is certain that the year 2012 is heading for a potentially tougher year in balance to be accompanied by much volatility whether you are a bear or a bull or a trader or an investor.