Days of crowning glory to dementia

First day of Jan 2012 was unusual to me.
The place was Bangalore in India. The climate was salubrious with chilly winds blowing gently.
I never bothered to visit any overnight New Year party’s and functions. Nor I sat in front of any New Year eve popular TV shows.
I spent the day with my aged mother-in-law and recollecting my thoughts. I went far back 28 years of my thoughts.
She still smiles, walks inside the house and in the garden path. She walks like a baby. Still she has thick silver hair neatly combed in typical south Indian style. I simply could not imagine how she has grown older to touch 80. Recently she sank into dementia.
I glanced through some of her old photos from the album. Always she looked very much younger than her age. Her photo with her first grand son 27 years ago shows more vibrancy and confidence in her face. Her smile was radiant although she was then crossing 53. In fact she looked like her in mid twenties. Till date she has not lost her teeth. She does not have any medical problem. Her eyes are as bright as I used see some 28 years back. No shrill in her voice.
Reason could be determination to celebrate every day. She spent most of her lifetime in a working class town in India that produces steel. A neo conservative and little shy in forthcoming. She worked as a teacher. She has been known for her various organizing skills. She is a mother of six children indeed. She impressed me with her meticulous planning of household activities.
I got very much inspired by her loyalty and protectiveness of her family members. She has been a great talking partner to me whenever I visited her. She shared gossips and stories with me on many occasions. She was fond of old Hindi film songs. Even today sometime she hums few lines of old catchy Hindi song tunes. She has been a very good cook and full of cookery tips. Moreover a multi task executor of house hold activities.
On the New Year day I broke our family happy news that her beloved grandson has found his wedding destination and requested her to bless him. She glanced and simply gave smile and smile only. She could not recognize her own family members. Most depressed situation for us to comprehend.
On this New Years’ first day I could not search any relationship in her except her smiles. It is very sad for me. I am her son in law. I dedicate this post to my mother in law and to other thousands of human beings with dementia like her in this world. I pray for them sincerely.
On first January 2012, I just resigned to my self in recollecting her glorious past with recent dementia.

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  1. It is truly a very apt description of a dementia patient. Your choice of words and expressions are really great.
    Lvs ramani


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