Stock investments- Small winners circle

All the Financial and business news looked awfully bad.

Hyper-bearishness reign supreme.

Chaos reigns. Statistics warns each and everyone about the consequences.

Economic and financial headline shakes crudely the mood of the investors.

Experts forecast for a credit bubble.

In sideline talks analysts admit that we may be heading for an ugly bear market in global equities in 2012.

I know that the stock markets are a huge business.

The best and the brightest punting minds spend billions of dollars trying to game their near-future price action.

 I wonder many times about one truth, that is, stock markets do not have a finished product. 

May be in one’s good luck!

It has few statistics!!

It explores impractical dreams.

It explores good luck in the price revision process.

Investors and analysts increasingly rely on statistics to strike a good deal in the market.

The bottom Line I read somewhere that all that glitters statistically is not necessarily gold.

You don’t discover all the market financial secrets through statistics and news flows.

It doesn’t show you normally the fourth wheel.

No denial about the fact that any superior analysis has a built in defect of not locating the missing fourth wheel.

At the same time I am not saying that where there is a lack of financial ethics, there is a statistical way.

 No one is a permanent winner day by day, step by step, breath by breath in stock market investments.

Sadly, stock investments for a small investor are a pretty full trick bag.

Markets aren’t rational and therefore I may be wrong or right in expressing my view point that the winners circle is very small in stock investments.

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