Private Agenda-Life style- Thank god I am not a techie

Crazy Hi-tech jobs.Work is addicting. It is challenging.And. It is luring.

What about balancing home and work. How to fill up the gap!

In today’s world young hi-tech job chasers have a different identity.

Their life’s email address is different.

Their life’s face book is entirely different.


Their life’s horoscope is different.

Folks hold on!

Your project is your life.Your project guys are your partners in happiness and in sorrows.

Your family members’ names stay only in your phone book memory.

You tribes always suffer from extra work related anxiety.

You guys laugh differently and talk differently with more slang.Simply you face an overwhelming work load with tight schedule.Your office dress style or code is different and it is beyond my understanding.I go mad when I start thinking about it.

You guys devote very little time for family and friends.You adapt to a different food eating and sleeping cycle.You do practically little and talk more about yoga, gym, meditation, learning music, violin, stress bursting classes and work outs and organic food stuffs and so on.You walk less and talk more.

Your cell phones tones are engaged all the time.Your cell phone is only one way traffic contact route for your family members.You talk and laugh only through phones and internet.You do fastest texting of SMS.Mostly you don’t see day light.

You meet and hang around late nights at the street corner coffee joints with dim lights on and discuss vague things.

You don’t mind paying both for the cup and the stuff.No thoughts on economics. Only money and money power.

However!You are not able to take care of very simple household duties.

You are not able to speak to your family members although you stay under one roof.You don’t have time. Simply you don’t have time!

Traditional family roles will blur.Cleaning, Organizing, buying groceries, paying your bills, going to the post office, bank, gas outlets etc. are postponed till the last hour.Leave alone going for holidays etc

You don’t have time to driving your kids to school, attending parent teacher meeting, school functions etc.You don’t have time for family and friends, rest and recreation, good deeds and spirituality.

You always want to packing up and moving up, up, up and up in your career.You tout simple life style for wealth chasing.  Your dreams are only around green bags or the dollar power.

Unknowingly trapping yourself into a quick sand of materialism for higher salary, perks and lucrative onsite assignments- aren’t you?

Are you succumbing to a rampant materialism? Feel safe and proud in flashing out different plastic cards in your wallet.

Majority of you guys know very well that when you work for hi-tech jobs in IT Company you are trading off with your simple life and happiness.You cannot deny this fact.

Earlier stages of your career and family life it may be ok.After sometime, your outlook slowly will get beginning to change and look for a difference.You will crave for normalcy in your time clock.You want to quit coffee joints, dim light dinner outside and long travel and so on.

When you touch mid 30s your wish is always to quit your current job and find another one with more flexibility.

You will try your best to find an employer who is sensitive to issues significant in balancing work and family.But you are not able to do so. Practically you cannot. You shall never be!

Now you revisit your thoughts- that is, how come you are able to provide excellent online customer services to your clients; but you tend to neglect a dozen odd household and family jobs.

When you think of how to balance your work and home life you just don’t get a visible path.

Hi-tech jobs added new twists in the battle for balancing, family home, work and travel.

Whether your family likes to see more number of zeroes in your salary slip or smile on your face and balancing the equilibrium in life.

I don’t know.

Thank god I am not a techie!!

I wonder when the value of time will outweigh the craze for value of money.

In today’s circumstances, balancing family and work, is it going to be only a day dream for crazy hi-tech job doers?

I go crazy and my brain starts twisting the moment I think about it so.

What about you?