Volatility in Stock Prices – Two sides of a Trend

”This volatility is killing me”.
I heard it in a grocery store last week.
Immediately I sensed that the guys are talking of stock market volatility.
Seldom you will find punters in the market who can trade on both the sides of the trend!.

Currently investors in stocks chatter more about volatility.
Swings are very dramatic!
The spot light is indeed around the darkness of volatility in the movement of stock indices.
Is volatility  an euphemism favoured by the financial press to describe  the downward  trending of the market?
This is a debatable point.
I am not going into it.
The truth is the degree of volatility in the market in recent months is historically radical.

In the process of unprecedented volatility portfolios have been whipped  beyond recognition.
Punters and investment psychologists are finding it a tough task to fathom the behaviour gap between the greed and fear.
It is no more visible in today’s’ market volatility.
Paid and sponsored “News cycle” precedes the storm in the market before the market “trading cycle”.
I read that the holding time for a trade-position of a speculator  or day- trader in NYSE  is less than twenty seconds!
Imagine the madness behind the volatility.

Markets are roiled by fears.
Stubborn pessimism is pictured.
The mood is ubiquitous.
Clearest trigger in the market for any given day is the sure shot sharp volatility in stock prices.

Everyday new fears arose.
Confidence in banking and economic recovery is very slow to catch the mood.
The making of a global debt spiral is writ with sinking confidence.
The wild swings in the financial markets captivated the nation, and the world
Both the borrowers and the lenders are equally puzzled.
No one wants to lend their ears to’Phony Recovery Stories’ generated by politicians and economists.

Global recession is now looking increasingly the base case.

The bottom line voice is that this is not the time to cut your teeth in stock market investments.
Prudent thinking confirms equally that this not the time for any one to deeply absorbed in all the waxing and waning calculations.

Equally many would amid turbulence smelled the opportunity.
Certainly I belong to this camp.
I am not a cowboy trader!!.