Penny for my thoughts- Tribute to 25 Paise Indian Coin

I the 25 paisa coin, popularly known as ‘chavanni’ came into being in 1950’s.

Today I am no more.

I don’t exist in circulation and perhaps I have become the history.

 Of course I had a memorable time over these years.

I adorned the hands of both rich and the poor.

Suddenly life took an unexpected turn for me.

From July 1, 2011 I have joined the family of 1, 2, 3, 5, 10 and 20 paisa coins which were, phased out earlier. The lowest denomination henceforth in India will be the 50 paisa coin.

I am dropped out of circulation due to rise in metal prices and a drastic fall in usage.

I cannot understand that business dynamics of economics and politics in my origin and in my continuation.

After all I am only a metal.

My label has been removed mercilessly.

I feel sad.

Today I am no longer usable. In fact I lost my status as the “malik” and ‘servant” in many households and in establishments.

Now I understand why it is being said ‘‘Everybody laughs in the same language”.

 Today I have become useless and exist only for the delight of the numismatists.

For more than three decades I was the darling for everyone.

 I was polished, stamped, created for perfection in Indian mints.  

I was inspected for hours together that I should not be having the slightest imperfections.

 At that time I used to feel very proud.

I always look forward to prepare myself for the proudest journey of life.

I also enjoyed the glow that I used to see in the eyes of the owner of me.

I travelled very extensively in my life. I have seen the dark alleys of the street as well as the counters of five star hotels.

 Life for me took another interesting twist all of a sudden when the Indian government authorities ordered me to be sent back to Bank’s collection counter in bags for ever.

Today I am being kept in the darkest corner in a gunny bag prepared exclusively for me. I am crying crying and crying!!

  On the other hand no doubt, all of us have lots of stories and memories about the quarter of a rupee or charana or chavani.

I share here my thoughts as a tribute to the 25 paisa coin.

Chavani Hindi film songs like” choube ke chhawani kand”,Paanch Chavani Ka Sawaal Hain”, “ab to main basaaoongi balma ki chhawani”- still rings into my ear.

 Cinema tickets were priced at 25 paisa in touring cinemas in semi urban and village areas.

 25 paisa was my proudest possession in my packet when I used to go to my college to study economics in my old bicycle.

In share markets deal too, mostly the commission was 25 paisa or” char anna” per deal.

 Small kids demand 25 paisa from their elders to buy good toffees, ice creams, ballons, and pencils and so on.

 It was the proud possession of bus commuters because bus tickets normally costs only 25 paisa.

Hindu pundits were gifted with four anna coins for performing poojas in households and in temples.

Small time shop keepers used to love 25 paisa coin because from coriander to chilies’ were exchanged for.

I cannot forget how my mother used to give char anna  or 25 paisa coins along with betel leaves and coconut  to those  neighborhood ladies who  visited our house to attend prayers or pooja  get-together  meet  during dhasara  festival .

 My memory list goes on and on.

 No one can take away my thoughts and memories regarding my attachments with 25 paisa coins!