Stock Investors gamble on numerical superstition

One cannot deny the fact that however advancements we make in science equally society’s belief in superstition and traditional practices has been growing multifariously.

Among many types of superstitious beliefs, one type has been very popular and has really gripped the investor community’s attention across the globe. What is it? It is the “number effect” or influence of numerology in one’s investment luck!

Is numerology a passport to money multiplying? What am I talking about? Follow me.

I am not questioning here how and why do these individual “investors” gamble on numerical superstition? With their hard earned money.

At the same time I am also not questioning the success ratio of such beliefs in guarding investors from market onslaughts from time to time. I do not have really a suitable answer.

Sometime back I read that according to the Wall Street Journal Shanghai’s market runs on number superstition — specifically, Chinese investors buy stocks associated with the number 8 and Chinese Investors love to Crunching Number8s.

Indeed I am surprised to see how the number superstition dominates the Shanghai market. In China, I am told that there is a belief that the words for numbers — such as one through nine — have dual meanings based on their pronunciation. (homonyms of the first nine digits)

The  chart given above here may help if some one in any part of the globe would like to follow number superstition in their prospective investment related ventures.

I wonder whether speculation in stock market investments is just only an academic one or based on economic and the financial fundamentals of working of the corporate?

Or number influence is another crazy shout in the craziest stock market!!