Stock Market Investments- anything to do with lunar cycles?

Logical fallacies play a bigger role than normally I have ever imagined. It is true that superstition influences one’s behavioral pattern of investments.

That too in stock market investments where trillion $s worth of stocks are bought and sold in all stock exchanges across the globe.

My investor friends told me that on every new moon day many stock market punters pay rapt attention.


Have they got influenced by a Review study published in the Harvard Business Review? The review of the reviewed behavior of returns in G7 countries have influenced punters associated with stock market investments.

You can also try to test the said behavioral pattern formation in the forthcoming months or apply this logic equally to the past year’s crisis that shook the confidence of investors.

According to the said study that around new moons higher returns are posted than during full moons.

Incredible isn’t? Comprehensive review of 25 stock exchanges over the past three decades does show a strong correlation between lunar cycles and stock prices behavior.

Any one wants to bet on lunar cycle model?

A lunar calendar is a calendar that is based on cycles of the lunar phase (Click to go to moon phase calendar)

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