Stock Market Investments- Easy to Advise Difficult to Implement

Close to ninety percent of all traders in stock markets lose money and at the same time long term investors make money.

This is an age old practice and truth. No particular answer is available for the question why it is so.

I have noticed many long term investors sitting on a pot of gold even after the scam ridden current global economic situation.

You will agree with me that always an invisible hand strikes   the account of a stock market trader in the name of either “greed, fear or patience”.

It does not seem to matter how many seminars you attend, books you buy, or how many hours you spend analyzing price charts. Or watch TV business news and shows on how to make investments in stocks profitably and buy or sell call recommendations.

One simply cannot seem to prevent that invisible hand from depleting your trading account funds.

I have read many times that the invisible hand that robs your trading account is lack of “Patience”.

The market truth is that markets trend one way direction only 20 percent of the time and the other 80 percent of the time the markets are not trending in one clear direction.

How do you overcome this lack of patience?

A trader should not worry about missing an opportunity here or there today, because there will be another one next time may be next hour or tomorrow, next week or next month.

All traders in stock market should remember to follow what is called a successful trader’s philosophy that is’ Aim small and miss small or aim small keep long patience and get bigger returns.

This is easy to say but difficult to implement while trading!! Do you agree with me?