Can you learn stock market investment techniques by reading books?

Yesterday I had been to a book shop where I came across ‘n” number of books on stock market investment strategies. There was enough rush in that section perhaps due to the on going uncertainty in the market environment!

  A friend of mine who accompanied asked me can any one really learn stock market trading techniques by reading books and investment news letters.

  My wife who just finished Jeffrey Archer’s novel “Not a Penny More Not a Penny Less’ was also with me gazed at us and recollected at her thoughts on the substance of the novel.

 She being a teacher argued that you can learn chemistry, tough physics and mathematical problems and cyber laws from books and definitely not stock market techniques. Stock market investments and predictions according to her are beyond logic and any rationale thinking. It is nothing but a chance by luck.

 Then I wondered that if so many books are available on the subject why then people lose money.

 The reason could be the traders may not be in a position to distinguish between good and bad advice.

  In stock market arena most of them know the answers but fail to get pass mark in their investment goals. Why? Why?

 As you know that trading is not only a personal skill but it is also a performance skill and in order to realize that you should be smarter, wiser and speculative.

  One cannot achieve performance by reading books and readily packaged ideas in stock market investments, like  any brand of ready to drink soups, will not work.

 Since stock market trading is a personal skill and it cannot be transmitted to any one through books.

  I fondly recollected the saying that” A teacher gives you knowledge and
A Guru makes you wise “. Like that books (teacher) may give you some knowledge but stock investments practice (guru) alone only makes you wise.

 Bookish knowledge will give you only squared wheels to understand the stock market jungle and definitely not to give you the round wheels.

 Do you agree with me?


One thought on “Can you learn stock market investment techniques by reading books?

  1. Hai
    I agree with you that stock market investments are
    beyond from reading books.One has to learn it practically by putting their own money.Experience is the book from which one should learn investment skills. Not from websites recommandations and text books.


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