Do you really want to go to a stock market analyst
To understand the “Millionaire Next Door?”

Markets across the globe suddenly spelt doom.

There has been more panicky amongst investors. Most of the investors have seen erosion of their wealth on an average 60%.Most of the sectors that analysts recommended to buy few weeks ago have completely decimated.

My son called me the other day and asked me to watch business TV channels and read the reviews of stock analysts in financial news columns so that I understand the ground level knowledge. For one minute I thought what my education and experience did not teach me that I would learn from the analysts. Finally I made up mind.

I recently attended an investor’s camp, to educate myself, organized by a leading business channel. I also bought some exclusive recommendation reports. I met many analysts over there and fellow investors like me. Ultimately all turned out to be a trash!

I share my experience and reactions here below for my blog friends and investors.

I learnt more from my fellow investors and definitely not convinced by analysts and expert’s noises.

One thing I understood that except investing their money analysts do everything. Most of their buy calls and sell calls go completely wrong.

The analysts are weird species would want us believe that they suddenly seem to know the exact reasons for the downfall. The market gloom is a fact and after all, everybody else knows why things are not so rosy and yet they style themselves as the analysts.

The press and the electronic media is often in love with them and it is like: “any news, we can use! “.

Financial and stock investments are truly human psychology based fields. Governed by, three sets of people like in any other walks of life. They are either pessimists or optimists or egoists. A true analyst cannot exist.

More often than not, analysts add more panic to the markets with their ad (vice) pulling the gullible lot with them to the dungeons and go downs.

I have no idea if the current market is more bullish or more bearish than at any time. If I am pessimist I postpone my buying and press my selling. If I am an extreme optimist I press my buying and postpone my selling. I will never go to an analyst if I am a serious investor.

I always remember that nothing beats the fundamentals.

Do you agree with Me.?

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