Mumbai’s beloved Gate way of India Where History meets geography

Mumbai blasts- The ugly face of terrorism.

I salute the NSG and the men in uniform who carried the “operation Cyclone” on 26th Nov, 2008 and saved Mumbai from rabid vultures.

I applaud the media for live TV coverage shot-by-shot of the siege of two hotels and a Jewish community centre in Mumbai for the prolonged -60 hours.

I pray for the departed souls and condole the death of all my brothers and sisters in the blast.

On the 26th November, 2008 nobody wanted that midnight menu.

Some call it as, India’s 9/11.

Others brand it as randomness in violence and the new face of urban terror.

Whatever may be the name?

The truth is the vocabulary of terror has been taking beyond 9/11.

The Nov 26th carnage has been the worst ever terror attack on India. The death toll exceeding that of 1993 Mumbai serial blasts.

Terrorism is unacceptable.

The monumental economic and business loss is beyond calculations.

Like any Indian I am angry frustrated and depressed.

The irony is the savage horror of Mumbai which began with terrorists docking near the Gateway of India occupies a unique space in everyone’s minds eye.

Gate way of India’s sea breeze is a health scale for morning walkers who daily stroll around the Marine drive.

The magnificent arch, Gate way of India, built in 1911 to welcome the King –Emperor George V, stood as a symbol of history where Arabian Sea waves gently touches its royal feet reminding the historical glory of the spot. This is history. Today it is a famous tourist spot attracting people from all geographical locations. One can always see Crowd’s clock around it made up of foreign tourists and local yokels, touts howl their wares, boats bob in the waters offering cruises out to open sea. At the gate way of India One can always hear chatting of multitude of tongues.

The Gate way of India has also a cure for every one’s insomnia in Mumbai.

People with deep pockets in the night go to costly restaurants and pubs. Those who could not afford and don’t subscribe to that culture like me stand on the Marine drive smell the breeze blowing off the sea and hear the wave’s crash on the huge boulders along the queens Necklace.

Since my younger days I always felt that in Mumbai’s Gate way India where History meets Geography.

The city, which always refused to sleep as a matter of choice, is perpetually sleepless now. Sleep is not the option any more. Today even streets sodium lights of MarineDrive shimmer in silence.

Now my appeal is don’t make the Gateway of India as a terror tourist spot.

Commonsense suggests tougher measures are required to deal with the terror mechanism and religious fundamentalism.

Information is the biggest tool to deal with terrorism. We have to strengthen our intelligence base and think that it is time for tough action.

I strongly believe that no force under the sun can take the Gate way of India “away” from us. Keep India safe, proud and happy.